Random Comments


Waitasec I thought the Koopas were from another hostile kingdom ruled by Bowser? I think that your aspersions on Princess Peach regarding apartheid might be unfounded. The rest, however, you may have a point.


Yeah Bowser rules the Koopa Kingdom and I don’t think you ever take that territory over.


Thus the Mushroom Minister of Information would have us believe …


I miss WindUpBird. Dude just dropped off the world. I always wonder what happens to people when the leave here.


If someone isn’t spending all their time talking on the Internets, it’s safe to say their life has improved significantly.


Oh god what does that say about us!


He posts on Facebook. Usually pretty weird stuff.


That’s good to hear!


I’m not so sure who it is from here, but one guy posts things that range from “ok, that’s kinda odd” to “I’m afraid he might be having a schizophrenic break.”


Yep that’s him.


Happy Birthday ScoJo South.


Who’s Scojo South?


Is it like Country Mac?



The other Scott Johnson, the movie writer from VA. I lost count of who has what nickname so threw a dart and picked one.


That’s me. I’ve gone by ScoJo, Gumboman, Silkie, The Other Other Scott Johnson, the list goes on.


US Government Fears Amazon will Disrupt them with its own Judicial System.

Onion, hire me.


Amazon already does this. A fair number of my recent Amazon purchases were delivered by Amazon itself.



scojo is what I go with damn it :-p Also Prime Scott, Best Scott, Alpha Scott. Remember the Time of the Scott Gather comes soon, I’m ready for some head chopping :-p


I usually ignore the Facebook suggests group column. But this one caught me eye. It was for a group called auspol which I had no idea what that was. Did some googling and found that it’s a group for Australia Politics. Thing I learned today.