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It’s also the difference between union and non-union jobs. Doing the same work I did non-union to my now union job was the same sort of shift if my sense of job security.




I stayed overnight in a love hotel once, both because it was cheap but also just to say I did it. The one I went to was pretty much just a really comfy hotel room that happened to have free porn on the cable package and a little vending machine that sold condoms.


My first post on this community will be 10 years old in August. I’ll only be 23…


Glad to see that I wasn’t the only one who grew up here. 2005 was way too long ago. :upside_down_face:


@Pegu started here when he was 12. Given that he turns 23 in June, it must’ve been 10 years ago by now.


New iPad Minis with pencil support and stuff: https://www.apple.com/ipad-mini/

I presumed this line was dead.


Yeah, I’m surprised they updated those. Not surprised they are trying to sell more pencils, though.

Apple’s number one problem right now is that they need a new product entirely. They’ve just been iterating on what they have for quite a few years. Those iterations are getting smaller and smaller. I present to the court, exhibit a: animojis.

It’s not surprising, though, because nobody else is coming out with new products either. Apple has always waited for other people to invent some great idea with a bad implementation like laptop, mp3 player, smart phone, tablet, smart watch, and then take it out of the suck-zone. They need someone else to make a new product that sucks so they can make a good one and take all the credit again.

In the meantime I think they should just go for the TV thing. It’s a low hanging fruit, but still good. Get an incredible OLED display, embed an Apple TV right inside of it and you’re good to go. If they really want they can put some other stuff in there. Why not a router, wifi access point, and even a time machine all in the same TV? Most people have cable boxes and routers near their TV. Clean everyone’s entertainment center up, and save us from the awful smart TVs with one that we can actually trust.


They are miniaturizing audio and their systems on a chip as fast as possible, what with the Apple Watch and AirPods and the W1 chips.

They are also plugging away hard at the augmented reality technology and image processing. In their next phone they are going for three cameras in a triangle for better room scanning and depth perception.

Put these together, and I’m sure Apple will be the first to non-sucking AR glasses or other face-wearable tech.


VR is a thing they are not doing that they could copy and improve to the point where people actually buy it. I could totally see Apple being the first ones to release VR glasses that are actually as small as glasses.


AR glasses are still primarily a power/heat problem. Same with VR.

VR glasses as small as glasses are still not physically feasible for reasons. I don’t think Apple can get ahead of the materials science limitations faster than other players in the space. They could, however, make better use of the next generation and make the user experience better given these very real limitations.

The glasses you want aren’t coming for a long while yet. The VR glasses that exist today are one step away from a healthy consumer marketplace beyond a core PC gaming audience. VR will be mass-market before you get the physical form factor you are so hilariously focused on.

As for AR… I’ve yet to see a glasses-based implementation that’s even plausible for a core audience. The hardware is too far away. Screen/camera-based AR on phones and tablets will blossom before we have even early-adopter AR glasses.

Google Glass wasn’t AR. It was at best second-screen. It wasn’t even a HUD, since it commanded full separate attention and wasn’t meaningfully overlaid on one’s view.


Crazy idea Apple would never do.

Make an AR/VR set that does something minimal on its own. But, if you have more iphones (e.g., have friends), allow them to be set up around a room to provide processing power and the sensor net for the headset. Make it easy to have a “VR Party” as long as at least some of your friends have iphones and one of you gets the head rig.

The reason Apple could possible do this, but no one else can, is that they’re the best at making something complex like this “just work.”


My point about “other face wearables” wasn’t so much about AR overlaid across your vision. I’m thinking more like a pair of glasses or a device attachable to a pair of glasses that has a camera that is aware of what you are looking at… and I mean aware of it before you get your phone out of your pocket and hold it up in front of you.

If you could just tap the frame of your glasses, then get your phone out and the screen, before you even unlock it, tells you all about the thing you just looked at. Like who it is, or how big it is, or how far away it is, or has already picked out the phone number or looked something up on Google for you.

Like the watch is always just keeping tabs on your heartbeat and activity and can just generally keep track of that, and you can look at that data in way more detail on your phone later, even if you don’t have your phone on you at the time (I usually go running without my phone). This isn’t the obvious job for a “watch”, but it can do it with the added sensors.

And Earpods are always just listening in on what’s going on, ready to reply to a question.

Watch is for movement and health, and has a small display for written information. Earpods are for sound, for both hearing audio and talking back to you.

Face-wearable would be the vision-input device which wouldn’t be relying on you having a phone with you at that moment.


What’s extra funny is that Google had this, both in Glass and in their phones, for a long time. Take a photo, and it gives you all the info it can glean from the image. It kept a history of all these analyses exercises. I would go back and look at what it said about images I’d taken over the course of a day, and it was very cool.

I’d literally just take a photo (with the phone or with glass: didn’t matter) and then open my phone to see the details at any point after.

It started getting buggy, and eventually just stopped working entirely. Then they discontinued it.

But to your point, yes, if you drop the idea of having a screen on one’s face, face tech is an open field of very real possibilities achievable with current-day tech.


Right. Google Glass had this kind of thing. Even the Snapchat glasses had cameras in them to take photos or video for sharing on your phone (or maybe without even taking your phone out of your pocket?).

But this conversation about who will get to this being actually usable, useful, stylish and fashionable all at the same time. I see no other company except Apple who might get even close to that in the next few years.

They nailed it with the Airpods on their first attempt, and I’m sure Airpods version 2 will be out soon. The Apple Watch took three attempts to really get good.

Will the face-wearable be a hit out of the gates, or take a while to ramp up? It seems like a lot of the tech is already in place with these other tiny products (and the phone as an anchors to hold it all together) so I’m guessing Apple can wait as long as it takes to get it right on the first try (like Airpods) as their is no pressure from other companies or products just yet.


Apple is WAY ahead if you


Can you be a bit more specific than “here is a one hour video”?


In short they are pushing for mixed reality via iPhone and pad and focusing on this far that require you to move around in physical space.


this looks exclusively marketed to real estate agents


Yikes, no thanks.