Puzzle Fighter is back ya’ll

It was announced a while ago but they were bringing back Puzzle Fighter in a way on mobile. It looks to have dropped on iOS a couple days ago or so. It has a number of the previous characters but they worked in the Capcom side of the Marvel Vs Capcom Infinity cast. It has some Final Fight, Dead Rising, and Mega Man characters from my quick glance.

They’ve added some progression mechanics which are hard to tell how much they factor into the multiplayer aspect but seem like they might be a bit on the pay to win spectrum. Granted it still has the skill element of needing to actually construct those gems during a fight. This is also a bit different than what I remember originally from PF. It’s been a while since I played the Remix though. But it seems like to have any chance of winning you really need to construct the special move gems.

Anyway there is something with a friends list I think as well so I’ll put up any sort of friend code or username or whatever it has when I finally look at it.

“Free” with in-app purchases. Are there ads?

No ads I’ve seen so far. Also the friends list seems to just be usernames of which mine is just MATATAT still.

I’ve been hearing a few cries of P2W in this game, though I believe it’s mostly related to the Gacha-style character unlocking mechanic.

Can free characters reasonably stand a chance against unlocked characters, based on skill or natural/free progression?

I haven’t really had any issue but your choices are certainly limited which is frustrating. Each character has a color gem that really is the thing that gives you power to win. There seems to be some synchronization mechanic where you have more than one character (1 main 2 support) with the same color. They don’t really explain it through a tutorial or anything. But I’m pretty much limited to blue and green right now.