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Kasparov on how to oppose Trump.


As a long supporter of the SPLC, I am all for fighting hate groups of every stripe - peacefully and in a manner that doesn’t create martyrs for the cause. If you want to discuss actual activism, that is great. However, what you are posting is is no way “activism,” that is murder and violence and it is undermining the actual purpose of this thread.


I agree. As much as I am amused by punching Nazis, sucker-punching them is certainly the wrong way to go about dealing with them (though I joke that the puncher should be charged with a crime, the punishment should be community service, and punching Nazis is a community service, so it’s a wash). That said, if the Nazis or any other hate groups actually start acting threateningly and escalating the situation, I’m all for punching them in self-defense.

I wish I could find the link, but it was the story of a now professor at Cal Berkeley who was a student and a protester there back in the 60’s. There was a Nazi who came to speak on campus back then, and instead of violent protesting outside, there were a bunch of anti-Nazis who actually watched his lecture. During the Q&A session at the end of the talk, they grilled him so badly with pointed questions that he came out looking like the total buffoon that he was. Said professor argued that this was a better way to deal with Nazis peacefully than just yelling and raising hell or even preventing them from speaking – confront them peacefully, but directly, and let them expose themselves for the fools that they are.


It’s not just that, but that continued discussion of the topic will derail the intent of this thread. Please move the discussion elsewhere.


March 8th #DayWithoutAWoman


Just in case anyone sees this and thinks Bill Gates is a good person, I want to remind everyone.

Planned Parenthood receives only $500 million from the feds per year to survive. Bill Gates is worth 72 billion dollars. If he funded it for 8 years he would still be worth 68 billion dollars, and that’s assuming he didn’t make any more money, like interest on investments or anything.

Why doesn’t he do it?

The Koch brothers and many other evil corps bribe all members of congress and they do whatever they say. The amounts they actually pay to congresspeople are very small. DeVos may have given $200 million to republican party in total over time. Bill Gates could give a billion or two to all of congress, and you might think that he shouldn’t, but they would do pretty much whatever he said including impeach trump, pass campaign finance reform so nobody could bribe them again, fix gerrymandering, etc. Any of the ridiculously wealthy people could do this if they wanted to. They could also fix education, which Bill claims to care so much about.

Do not be fooled. Even the seemingly “good” rich people care more about their own net worth being a big number than they care about actually saving our society.


This is basically a “Hitler saved a puppy” scenario


@hmtksteve & @Apreche Please move this to the general Trump conversation as none of this has anything to do with activism.


Required reading/ watching/ listening


Maybe he thinks it’s a better use of his resources to eradicate polio or malaria or something.

It’s a waste of Ozymandias’ time to worry about corrupt city councilmen; he’s got the whole human race to save.


I don’t know if this technically counts, but since a lot of people here live in NYC, I thought I’d post a link to the League of Kitchens

Basically, the way it works, an immigrant who is an amazing home cook and an inspiring teacher welcomes you and five other people into their home. You cook together, eat together, learn together, and share culture and stories. You go home with a booklet of their family recipes and an in-depth shopping guide.

This sounds like an absolutely amazing idea to actually get to know the immigrants that come to the US, and I hope this idea takes off in more places.


Oh shit, I am so down for that.


I’d definitely be down for that if they branched out into non-NYC.


If that ever hits Portland I’m down.


Tonight, I am attending training for NYCLU’s Lobby Day on May 5th. If you live in New York State and want to get involved, check it out here:

If you don’t live in NYS but are a member/supporter of the ACLU, locate your local chapter and get involved with their events and committees.



A 5-day summer school will be offered at Tufts University from August 7-11, 2017, with the principal purpose of training mathematicians to be expert witnesses for court cases on redistricting and gerrymandering.


Also post screencaps of your funniest answers.


My favorite part is that when you are done, it asks for money.


FYI - NYCLU’s Lobby Day is March 13th, not May 5th. The website provided above is out of date.



March 4th - People’s March for Education Justice

Attend a march in your local community:

Buffalo - 12 PM, begins at Erie County Holding Center, 121 W Eagle St (Contact)

Kingston - 1 PM, begins at Academy Green Park, 238 Clinton Ave (Contact)

NYC - 9:30 AM, begins at Trump Hotel, 59th street & Columbus Circle (Contact)

Rochester - 2 PM, begins at 1 Liberty Pole Way (Contact)

Schenectady - 12 PM, begins at Corner of N. Brandywine Ave. & State St. (Contact)

Syracuse - 12 PM, begins at Hanover Square

Wyandanch - 10 AM, begins at the Martin Luther King Jr Health Center, 1556 Straight Path (Contact)

A Call to March

When public education is under attack, what do we do? Stand up fight back!

We have to defend public education from federal attacks by Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos, that is why we will #March4EducationNY

On March 4, we need YOU to join students, teachers, parents and community members across New York State as we come together for the People’s March for Education Justice.

Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos are threatening to take billions of education dollars from New York communities. Governor Cuomo has a history of woefully inadequate education investments but his current proposal is his worst ever and would take cuts to the next level. Not on our watch!

Now more than ever we need an investment in our most vulnerable students from early childhood to higher education all across the state. Black, Brown, immigrant, refugee, low-income, LGBTQIA students, English Language Learners, homeless students and students with special needs are all facing a direct threat from our federal government and from Governor Cuomo. Read the full platform here.

We march for fully resourced public education, starting with early childhood and including higher education.
We march to end the privatization of public schools and to end high stakes testing.
We march to end the school-to-prison pipeline.
We march to Raise the Age and decriminalize our youth.

We are marching to protect our youth and demand the New York Legislature do the same. March with us. Follow the hashtag #March4EducationNY for updates!