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ACLU donations have made headlines!

The ACLU said it has received more than 350,000 online donations totaling $24 million since Saturday morning. The non-profit organization . . . typically raises about $4 million online in a year
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<a href=">Bandcamp is donating all of their cut of sales on Friday to the ACLU. I know a lot of people might not know Bandcamp or might not know what to get, so I made a list of recommended albums.

Bannon is the single greatest threat.

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Ok, y’all. Let us know what you’ve been doing! Have you contacted your representatives, attended any protests/rallies/demonstrations/meetings, donated to any causes/groups, volunteered, joined a group, etc.? Also, what do you have planned in the coming week(s)?

In the past week, I made 39 calls to various representatives, vetted 22 potential calls for action for three separate groups, attended an protest at my local representative’s office (Senator Collins in NYS), and partook in a postcard writing initiative. Next week I have a meeting with my local area’s “Stronger Together” group and two NYCLU meetings.

I could do more.

I have called my state and national senators and reps all in reference to the same bill. Also I called each and every person on this list and asked them to vote to join the national interstate compact.

I’ve also canceled my rather expensive gym membership that I was underusing and made that into a recurring donation to the ACLU.

I have basically exclusively focused on the national interstate compact because that is something I can fully grok. Other issues, while important, I have trouble getting my head around and as such I have trouble triaging which ones need my time.

I guess that’s partially why I’m here, if someone has some advice for what else could use my time and resources I’m pretty open to more. I just need the knowledge of what actionable requests I can make and why.


Everyone can always do more. You did something, and that is great. It is fine to focus on a single issue - sometimes it is more effective to do so. No shame!

February 17, 2017 for a national general strike

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I can confirm that the NYSUT is NOT planning on any strike anytime soon. This is not because they don’t support other workers, but because of certain laws pertaining to labor unions that work for the state. There could be retaliatory actions against the union and its workers if a strike were suddenly announced outside of something like contract negotiations.

However, the person I spoke with did say that they would not be surprised if protests popped up, unrelated to NYSUT, at schools before or after school hours. Not in a “winky nudgey” sort of way, just that it wouldn’t be shocking to see teachers at school early protesting out front, then doing their jobs and resuming protesting after work.

I’m not going to tell anyone to risk their own job/money if they aren’t willing to do so. It’s up to each individual person to decide how much they are willing to sacrifice. I’ve been expecting a general strike, and studying the general strikes of the past, ever since the women of Poland did it so effectively in October. You sure as hell won’t catch me being the first, second, or even third person out there. It’s very dangerous talk.

That being said, effective non-violent protesting is about breaking the rules. Sitting at the front of the bus is a big deal because it’s against the rules. A general strike is a powerful form of protest because of the extended economic damage it causes, and that damage is caused by breaking the rule of “you have to show up to your job”. The consequences of being fired, having pay docked, etc. are mitigated by the number of people doing it together. Making sacrifices, like suffering retaliation, are what gives the general strike its power. It’s also what makes it so dangerous and difficult to execute.


People go to Starbucks to get coffee, and it’s closed.

People call the plumber, and the phone keeps ringing.

People have a big problem driving when gas stations are closed.

The grocery store is closed.

Pizza place tries to stay open, but cheese and sauce don’t get delivered.

The market and the GDP take a huge hit because nobody is working. This fucks over the rich people who deserve to be fucked over. They then (in theory) also push for the demands of the strikers to be met because they need the strike to end.

Teachers joining a general strike have a much greater impact than people in most professions. It forces kids to stay home. That in turn forces parents to stay home. Each parent staying home is now effectively striking, and increasing the effect. I think only sanitation workers can strike more effectively. Nothing speaks louder than a huge mountain of trash.

I don’t believe the time is quite right yet, or that the strike can reach the necessary critical mass to force change. However, I do believe that such a historic strike is inevitable if the course we are on does not change. When the time comes, I won’t just walk out, I’ll run out.

General Strike Protip: Showing up to work and then walking out is more effective than calling in sick, staying home, or going directly to a demonstration. The effect of all your co-workers seeing you walk out can not be understated. It’s even better if multiple co-workers leave together.

Protip2: Not only do you refuse to work, but you can’t buy anything either. Don’t spend a dime. You have to fuck over the businesses that chose to stay open. If they are making money, it rewards them for not joining.

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I don’t think it’s quite time for a general strike just yet.

That said. I’m reasonably sure my company is one of the good ones. I think even it’s leadership would join said strike.

As a federal employee in DC, I’m not sure what the repercussions would be if I walked out of work for a general strike. Additionally, because Trump has already filed to run for reelection, unlike Obama who waited about two years, I’m not sure how the Hatch Act would come into play, outside of whatever disciplinary action I might get regardless.

If the strike is not large enough to override the usual consequences of walking out, then it’s not large enough to work.

Strikes that didn’t work:

Strikes that did work:

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For NYS residents:
Contact Governor Cuomo directly or use this link to demand that he to support Public Schools and to abandon his DeVos-like policies, which already failed in Michigan.

Direct Contact Info for Gov. Cuomo:
Tel: (518)474-8390.

There is a reason that Betsy DeVos sings the praises of Andrew Cuomo. He talks Betsy’s language. He called public schools “a monopoly” that he wants to “break.” He introduced the “Parental Choice Act,” a voucher program using tax credits. And when it comes to charter schools, he received millions in donations from their advocates. Cuomo earns those donations by furthering the charter lobby agenda.

And this year, he is doing it again.

Cuomo wants to expand charters in NYC even further by eliminating the charter cap. His budget would give more taxpayer dollars to charter schools for rent. And he wants to force NYC schools to give even more space in their own school buildings to charter schools.

But that’s not all. Cuomo’s budget would decrease the current reimbursement to school districts for supplemental charter tuition in 2018-19, and give reimbursement to fewer districts. This would be a $22 MILLION reduction in aid to school districts statewide.

Below is a SAMPLE of the per pupil charter tuition rates that some New York districts must pay when a student attends a charter school:

-Pawling Central School District: $16,071 per student.
-Albany City School District: $14,572 per student.
-Lake Pleasant School District: $25,831
-Hempstead School District: $18,202
-Lawrence School District: $ 23,002
-Rockville Centre School District: $19,267
-New York City: $14,027

Are you shocked? You should be. And districts pay transportation costs as well.

To see the charter school per pupil tuition rate your district pays from its budget (or would pay when charters expand to your area) click here.

Relevant how?

Practice for the general strike?

I can only assume because of the content of your article and the place you posted it that you suggest anti-trump advocacy via the murder of KKK members? Or am I misreading something?

I saw that article and it reminded me of that Nazi guy who was punched.

It seems to me like violence against pro-Trump groups appears to be escalating.

[quote=“rastergrafx, post:79, topic:353, full:true”]
I saw that article and it reminded me of that Nazi guy who was punched.

It seems to me like violence against pro-Trump groups appears to be escalating.
[/quote]That would make sense, except his equally right-wing and racist wife has been charged with his murder, as has his step-son. The evidence available so far shows that he was most likely shot in the head while sleeping, before they moved his body in the back of the stepson’s truck to the site where it was found. The motive isn’t known, but is suspected to be because he was seeking a divorce.