Professional Wrestling


Watched the G1 Special in USA live, and it was a good show, even though i was dead tired at the end because I got up at 2AM to watch it.

However, there is unfortunate news. During the match between Hiromu Takahashi and Dragon Lee, Hiromu landed on his head during a botched Phoenixplex where Dragon Lee lost his grip on Hiromu’s head/neck. Hiromu continued and finished the match, but reportedly collapsed backstage and was taken to a hospital. NJPW officials believe he suffered a broken neck.

I hope he has a quick recovery. He doesn’t even have to wrestle again, I just want him to be well. It really sucks. It is particularly weird that he had to take this injury during a spot where he had absolutely no control over the situation, and right at the beginning of what promised to be a fantastic title reign.


I’ve been so mad over the Takahashi injury, the worst time for something like that to happen to him. Sigh, at the end of the day I just hope that he’s okay, even if he does not continue wrestling.


Hiromu appears to be doing fine for now. Has returned to Japan. Thank goodness it doesn’t seem too serious but I hope he takes it slow on the recovery.

In other news, NJPW and ROH will be putting on a show at Madison Square Garden during Mania weekend next year. Them getting MSG is a pretty big fucking deal all things considered. Not even WCW could book the Garden.

Meanwhile this weekend is Extreme Rules. I actually haven’t watched any WWE television since MITB, and the card looks kind of meh. Only match that looks interesting is Ziggler vs. Rollins in a 30 minute Iron Man match. In any case, taking the IC belt off of Rollins was a stupid idea to begin with.


After trying to catch up on RAW and Smackdown today, then deciding it was really not worth it, I started to flip through Extreme Rules. After reconcidering the card didn’t seem all too bad, and it started good with the B-Team picking up the RAW Tag titles. These guys are kind of fun, though not much more than a distraction.

However, quickly followed a couple of huge disappointments. First of all, they continue to absolutely destroy Asuka’s reputation that they built for two freaking years by having her lose again to Carmella. Of course it wasn’t clean, but the “cheat” was also not really sufficiently believable considering what she overcame in NXT.

Then Nakamura cleverly gained the U.S. title by low-blowing Jeff Hardy while the ref handed the belt off to the ring attendant. Then when the bell rang he immediately hit a Kinshasa. I mean, that was kind of clever, but why the fuck you needed this on a PPV I have no idea. Afterward Randy Orton came out, stared down Nakamura, then stomps Hardy in the nuts and just leaves. Again: Why?

Roman Reigns lost. Good. The Smackdown Tag title match was kind of worthless. Corbin vs. Balor I skipped entirely. Why Alexa Bliss is still RAW women’s champion I have no idea.

I decided to watch the whole cage match between Owens and Strowman, and it was rather fun. Strowman runs through people and Owens is more than willing to take the punishment. It finished with Owens “winning” by getting chokeslammed off the top of the cage through the announce table.

Rusev vs. Styles was pretty decent. It was kind of weird that Styles worked kind of heel in this, isolating a limb and continuously attacking it, while Rusev struggled through that damage. Rusev had the help of Aiden English, but that rather backfired as well.

Finally there was the only match I was really counting on with Rollins vs. Ziggler. Why they decided they needed to take the title off Rollins is beyond me. One of the last matches I watched on RAW was a very excellent match between the two after that, only for WWE deciding that it didn’t deserve a proper ending and have Drew McIntyre get involved.

This match was kind of weird. First they started with a “catch you by surprise” sequence which made no sense after the first two or so pin attempts. Then Seth goes up by two falls by really standard sequences, which made look Dolph really bad. Then McIntyre gets involved, gets Seth another fall by DQ before continuing his attack. Instead of giving another DQ, the ref kicks McIntyre out, which he follows for some reason. Ziggler then picks up three quick falls mostly off of McIntyre’s assault, and somehow another one in the middle.

In the end Rollins picks up another fall from pretty much nothing. Rollins then finally manages to hit Ziggler with a stomp, only to crawl into a pin too late and time expires. It is announced that the match ends in a 4-4 draw and Ziggler retains, leaving me to scream “WHY!” at my monitor. What a waste of time.

And during the entire match pretty much, the crowd chanted “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” whenever the clock reached those ahead of every minute mark. This was fun during the Rumble, but here it was just purely annoying self-gratification. I mean, there is an issue with the product when the crowd does stuff like that, but still it was also really shitty for a pretty decent match.

Meanwhile the G1 has started and the first three nights where really good, even though Gedo decided to nuke my picks in night 3 entirely, the madman.

I mean, it’s kind of bad with all those “Oh, you’re just a snob” sentiment whenever someone dares to profess that NJPW has a superior product, but just given the quality of matches it is absolutely no contest whatsoever. Basically the last three PPVs have all been stinkers and I am very much considering just abandoning WWE altogether.


Matt Hardy was kinda hinting that Extreme Rules results was them taking a bow on WWE, and with the rumors circling about the extend of Jeff’s nerve damage and injuries, I’m not surprised. A body can only take so much punishment.

I enjoyed the Lashley Reigns match more than I thought I would. However the crowd completely killed the Ironman match later on.

Overall I’m on a “I’ll watch the big PPVs and any match that people are talking about being good on social media” stance in regards to the main roster WWE product. NXT and 205 have ace though.


After writing the post above I had to go pick up my parents from somewhere. On the drive there I thought things through again and with today’s news of WWE reinstating Hulk “I am racist” Hogan to their Hall of Fame I took the plunge, worked my way through the three layers of “customer retention” and cancelled my WWE network subscription. In the words of Bad Luck Fale: “Fuck 'em!”.

Edit: Apparently something I didn’t realize because I turned off the video is that after the draw finish, Kurt Angle came out and announced “sudden-death overtime”. However, somehow they managed to give it an even worse finish as McIntyre showed up again, Seth has to deal with him, gets hit by a Zig-Zag and Ziggler retains anyway, with Angle doing nothing about that match and McIntyre’s interference.

So yeah, my decision stands.


There are so many good wrestling streaming services that cancelling the WWE Network feels really good. Has anyone tried the Powerslam Wrestling Network yet?


New Japan seems to be the number 2 but I have not used it.


NJPW World is rough if you can’t read Japanese, it’s Google auto translated into English, but the content is top notch and Kevin Kelly and Don Callis are very good


Shakespeare himself couldn’t have written a more fitting end to this week’s NXT title match.


Holy shit All In, guys.


All In was indeed very good, even with a couple of production issues which aren’t exactly surprising with a first time organizers setting up such a big show. My only gripe is that the pre-show wasn’t on the NJPW version where I watched the show. The wrestling itself however was excellent and had something for everybody.

While I’ve sworn off of watching WWE (I pirated SummerSlam, which was also not a good show, just like the four previous PPVs), they are doing a couple of things right. For one an all women’s PPV is coming up, though I frear this might lead to more segregation. More importantly though they announced that Rene Young will be joining the RAW commentary team full-time, which is good because in her few outings that I have seen she did a great job, and there are very few options which could be worse than Coachman.

Meanwhile next week will start a three show series of “Destruction” shows by NJPW. The first of which is headlined with Tomohiro Ishii vs. Kenny Omega for the IWGP title, while the last will be headlined by Okada challenging Tanahashi for the title match briefcase. Also in an extraordinarily weird move the show in the middle, held on Japan’s “Respect for the Aged Day”, will have Naito vs. Suzuki in a delicious subversion of the purpose of that holiday as Naito doesn’t show respect to anybody, least of all to the “aged” Suzuki.


NXT has been pretty ace though, they turned Black’s legit injury into a vehicle to carry multiple stories, it’s pretty great.