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Watched NXT TakeOver War Games live last night. I was dead tired but it was an incredible show as is custom with the TakeOvers. The opening match was definitely the weakest but it was followed up by the best match (and that says something) between Aleister Black and Velveteen Dream. They really burned the house down. The Women’s 4-way match was also very good. Then there was the match between Drew McIntyre and Andrade Almas and they also kicked it up another gear.

And then there was the War Games match. I had never seen one before though I was interest due to the double-ring cage match. That match was absolutely nuts with the weapons and the dynamic. Everyone looked incredible and some of the spots were just nuts. I am just worried about Alexander Wolfe who was busted open pretty badly. Still finished the match but he didn’t look pretty.


McIntyre was the one that got injured. A torn bicep if I recall correctly. I need to actually watch the Takeover, but a lot of people I know were super pumped up about it, so I’m excited to get to it soon.


How is this supposed to work?


Better than this:


Just watched Survivor Series. The PPV overall was pretty good. Styles vs Lesnar was definitely the best match and kept what it promised for the most part. Unfortunately the Survivor Series match itself was really bad, marred by nonsensical booking decisions, and I particularly despise what they are doing with Zayn and Owens. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

@lukeburrage I can’t really say much about the War Games match in WCW as I had never seen one before last night in NXT, but there the rules were basically a 3v3v3 hardcore cage match, except competitors join the match in a sequence similar to a rumble, and you can’t flee. If you escape the cage your team forfeits. Also to note that in NXT the cage didn’t have a roof and that the floor of the two rings were joined by a metal plate so there wasn’t a gap. The layout of the rings allows for some aesthetic visuals like people thrown from one ring into the other, or this:


If you want best war games.

It also includes the rules in the beginning too @lukeburrage @chaosof99


Got my first Wrestling shirt today. I hate most wrestling merch as it is always super loud and crass, but I found a design during hot topics $10 shirt sale that was just the NJPW logo so I went for it.


I have a couple of wrestling shirts. Bought a Kevin Owens and an AJ Styles shirt last year when the WWE shop had a sale, alongside a Sami Zayn hoodie. I also bought a Kenny Omega shirt via eBay a while ago. Will probably pick up a couple more when I am in Japan and an NJPW logo shirt is definitely one of those.

Meanwhile information regarding WWE’s PPV schedule for next year is sickering through. They are cutting down to 14 PPV events next year (good) and Money in The Bank will be in June in Chicago. It will become a dual branded PPV, though how many actual MITB matches there will be is unknown. For my part I hope there will be just two matches, one for the women and one for the men with competitors from both brands and perhaps an NXT call-up.

Also in February there will be a RAW branded Elimination Chamber PPV. Speculation is that it will determine the challenger for the Universal title if a guy from Smackdown wins the Rumble (and please for fucks sake don’t let Roman win the Rumble again, and definitely not in Philadelphia).



If you want streaming indy wrestling goodness, I can’t reccomend enough. So much stuff with more being added all the time for $10 a month.
On a totally unrelated note, New Japan is on fire. I wish I had the time to watch every match on every show, but even I have my limits.


That Jericho vs. Omega match is really heating up. Yesterday at the World Tag League final Jericho attacked Omega, including Omega suffering a cut after Jericho hit him with the belt. Today at a press conference Omega returned the favor, just jumping on Jericho during an interview. And then Jericho throws a damn table at Kenny.


Just finished watching Final Battle 2017, which is the biggest Ring of Honor show. I don’t really follow Ring of Honor beyond what I understand from watching Being The Elite, though I have seen a couple of matches. I do know a bunch of their wrestlers though simply from joint shows with NJPW.

The show was very good. It doesn’t have the pizzas that something like WrestleMania or Wrestle Kingdom has, but this was show with basically no low points and plenty of entertaining spots and storylines you could get without having to have followed too much. Might check out a bit more of ROH. Only bad thing I can say is that the main event felt a little bit short, and two matches were marred by kind of obvious and unnecessary blade jobs.

Also, my trip to Japan well be pretty wrestling heavy at the tail end. Of course WK is one of the main reasons I am going to begin with, but today I got confirmation for a ticket for a Stardom show the day before WK. I am also considering seeing a DDT show on the 31st, though I am not sure I can square that with other plans. Someone on reddit also pointed out that DDT’s women’s division, Tokyo Joshi Pro, always has a show at Korakuen Hall on the 4th starting at noon, so I will try to go there, see that show, pick something up to eat afterward and then head over to the Dome. At least that should ensure me seeing the inside of Korakuen Hall if I can’t manage to get a ticket the day of New Year’s Dash (which I am still hoping to do).


In case you were not aware, the best podcast for covering wrestling is back on the air.


Punk rock feminist wrestling group Pro Wrestling EVE has given us all a fine Christmas present, a full show from their SHE-1 tournament. Give it a look if you have an hour and a half and expand your wrestling horizons

It’s NSFW, by the by. I have a question for those more familiar with UK culture after I watched the show. Does “Session Moth” actually mean something?
And while I’m on a women’s wrestling roll, here’s Kana(you may know her as Asuka) vs Meiko Satomura in a match set to traditional Japanese music


Just finished digesting Wrestle Kingdom 12. Despite not being as good as 10 or 11, it was still a fantastic show. Both main events were absolutely fantastic, I hope Jericho takes this attitude and energy next time he returns to WWE. My biggest letdown with the whole thing was the Jay White Match, he fumbled a lot and looked really green compared to how they treated him, hopefully he improves over the course of the year.


If the Heavyweight title doesn’t change, does the G1 even matter? I’m joking, but I don’t think the G1 climax winner has won the title from their earned match.

I’m a bit salty that the young bucks won the title from RP3K after such a short amount of time, but if it leads to a nice feud I’ll be good.



I was at a total of four shows in Japan and all of them have been pretty good to great.

On the 31st I was at the DDT/BJW New Years Eve Tag Tournament. I didn’t even really know what this show was going in, mostly going there to pass the time to midnight and to see Korakuen Hall from the inside. However, this show turned out to be absolutely awesome. I don’t follow either company but did a bit of research afterward. Only two wrestlers on the card I recognized off the bat: Colt Cabana and TAKA Michinoku.

The show was a tag team tournament with wrestlers from both DramaticDreamTeam and Big Japan Pro Wrestling with the teams being pulled out of a hat, which they illustrated via video package before the show. As it is with DDT the show veered somewhat into the comedic but that was pretty great. One match was decided at gun point which was hilarious. The show also featured The Brahman Brothers who basically turn every show into a GWAR concerts, throwing all sorts of liquids around, batting hard boiled eggs and fruits, and other stuff, plus mist spots and one spot where they throw a bowling ball against a suit case, the suit case being nestled into the crotch of an opponent sitting in the corner.

Anyway, the show was really fun, but also quite long, as they included a year-end award show as well as
a special match for TAKA Michinoku’s 25th anniversary of his pro debut. However, that match also had my favorite spot of the night. The heel team had one guy from the face team pinned into the corner. They then proceed to clothesline him. Then they do it again. Then they irish whip his teammates into him. Then they get a bunch of the ring crew and throw them into the guy, including the ref. And then like 20 people from the locker room also show up to clothesline the poor fellow. Some people added other gimmicks, like spitting water in his face, hitting him with a prop, and Colt Cabana took a selfie with him. At some point they also brought a fully equipped camera guy and threw him into the guy.

On the 3rd I went to see Stardom at Shin-Kiba 1st ring. That hall is tiny, seating only about 250 people. I had almost ringside seats and the girls put on a good show. Unfortunately it was also rather short with only five matches and a total of less than an hour of in-ring action. It opened with a mini-idol concert of a group I unfortunately don’t know, then some new years greetings from Stardom’s GM and then an introduction of the entire roster. Not sure that happens every night or if it was just for the first show of the year.

All the matches were pretty great, but of course the last match, a 4-on-4 match between the factions Queen’s Quest and Oedo Tai was the best. That is to be expected since pretty much all the bigger names of Stardom were in there, including Io Shirai, Kagetsu, AZM, HZK, Hana Kimura, and my favorite Kris Wolf. In fact before this match there was a special announcement with Ring of Honor’s Delirious showing up, presenting the new Women of Honor championship title and announcing that in addition to Mayu Iwatani (who was not at this show) there would be additional Stardom wrestlers participating in their tournament to crown the initial champion. They are Kagetsu, HZK and Hana Kimura.

On January 4th I went to the Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling event at Korakuen Hall, and then of course to Wrestle Kingdom 12.

Tokyo Joshi Pro is the female division of DDT. Unfortunately their show started on a rather bad note with a debut match for for members of what seems to be an idol group and they were pretty terrible. I guess I can’t be too hard on them but I think it was too early for them to debut. Fortunately the show picked up after that. It also included a special match between Maki Ito and Danshoku Dino. Ito portrays a kind of stuck-up and bossy idol-singer character, while Dino is actually a male wrestler from DDT whose gimmick is being a heavily exaggerated homosexual. What is funny here is that Dino usually has a spot where he kisses an unwilling opponent, while here the tables got turned and Ito started doing it to Dino, which he of course hated.

Ultimately the show culminated in two genuinely great matches. The first of them was a match for the promotions tag team championship, and the other for the promotions singles championship between Miyu Yamashita and champion Reika Saiki. They also ran an extensive videopackage before and though I only speak very limited japanese I very much understood the gist of it. And the match was really great. The best womens match I’ve seen in a while.

And then there was of course Wrestle Kingdom. I had a great seat in the house, but I still caught myself looking at the broadcast screens instead of at the ring, unfortunately. The show was great and not a bad match among them. My favorites being the fatal 4-way for the Jr. Heavyweight title, and of course the Alpha vs. Omega match which was much better and certainly longer than I anticipated. I will definitely go back and watch the broadcast some time this week.

Unfortunately the very end of the show somewhat disappointed me. I also still can’t get behind Jay White as a character. Maybe it would be different had I already been watching NJPW when he was a Young Lion, but it just seems so rushed that this guy shows up out of nowhere and gets to challenge for the second most important title immediately, currently being held by the biggest legend in the company.

Nevertheless, and while this show was probably worse than last year’s WK, it is still a very fantastic show and better than any WWE PPV in the last decade or so.

I also watched New Year Dash live in my hotel room. I was kind of annoyed with a title change on the show. At WK I had a moment were one of my favorite wrestlers finally got to hold a belt, and the next day it was gone again. NYD is also of course the point where NJPW introduces some new “twists”, though the element that it is expected at the show kind of undermines it. I also thought that the “twists” were kind of disappointing, well, until the very end of the show when I genuinely was surprised and taken aback. Definitely looking forward to that match, and I assume it’s going to be at the Long Beach show.


WWE has announced a number of signings which were expected but I think are worthy of discussion regardless.

First and foremost is Trevor Mann, a.k.a. Ricochet, a.k.a. Prince Puma, who is in my opinion genuinely one of the best wrestlers in the world right now. I just really hope they don’t stick him into 205 Live because that would be purely a waste.

Next we got War Machine, a tag team consisting of Raymond Rowe and Hanson, two rather burly, hairy men who are a lot of fun to watch because Hanson, despite his size, can really move. Very much enjoyed their run with and for the IWGP tag titles in the last year. They don’t really need seasoning either and with RAWs tag division really needing some fresh blood I could see them being plugged in there right away.

Finally there is Candice Dawson Gargano, a.k.a. Candice LeRae. She has been in the Mae Young Classic and brought in multiple times as a ringer for NXT matches before. As you can tell by her full name, her husband is Johnny Gargano.

Meanwhile there have also been some bad news. For one Jey Uso has been arrested in Texas for DUI.

More importantly however Roman Reigns has been named as a client by a steroid dealer.


Oh my stars and garters, next you’re going to tell me that Vince is out of touch with his audience!


So it appears that TNA/impact wrestling now has a twitch channel and will air ppvs and other events on it.

Man I remember when they were fun to watch…


They just had a huge exodus of talent in the last week or so. How they stay up is beyond me. Good for them.