Sword and Shield.

On the one hand, I’m all excited.

On the other hand, I’ve bought most/all main line Pokemon games. I’ve only ever beaten gen 1, gen2, and gen 4. I don’t remember if I beat gen3. I definitely own gen 5, 6, and 7, but I didn’t beat any of them.

Even though 8 is obviously incredible, why do I buy it when I own, but haven’t beaten, the previous 3?

This one has cuter outfits.

I mean, did you see that cardigan on the girl?

You can always sucker me into a game with cute fashion.

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I never beat Pokemon Moon. It got kinda boring IMO. Let’s Go Pikachu on the other hand I haven’t beat yet but I am very close to finishing.

Imagine Breath of the Wild, but Pokémon.


Like an open world Pokemon?

  • Open World Pokemon for the BOTW Experience.
  • Huge Immersive world filled to the brim with random encounters. Like zubats in a cave.
  • Pokeballs have durability and you have to recatch Pokemon after they break.
  • The game is permadeath to satisfy hardcore gamers.
  • Your trainer can probably die too, because that’s what you get for casting explosion.
  • When not dying you have to eat to live, for immersion!
  • Your Pokemon also have to eat. There are responsibilities to having a pet. (And for immersion!)
  • Your Pokemon poop.
  • You have to pick up your Pokemon’s dropping. Yes, even Wailord. (Also for immersion…)
  • Trainers will fight you even without eye contact, square up!
  • Also Pokemon battles!
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My new favourite Poké

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