I come in here all excited for some pokemon talk and y’all are talking about Pokemon Go instead? Pfft. Does anyone here play an actual pokemon game?


I play the fuck out of old pokemons. Namely the ones written in assembly.


I still haven’t played sun and moon, I should see if there are any cheap copies to get or if I wait for the Ultra version, don’t know if the story there would be a sequel.


I generally play each Pokemon I get for a month or two after it comes out, enough to beat the Elite Four and spend a little time in post-game, and then get bored and drop it.


They’re being really quiet on the storyline, but they have used the term “alternate timeline” to describe the events. The Pokemon Company is known for mincing words when it comes to this kind of thing, though.

I enjoyed Sun and Moon, and I think I like the changes to the competitive scene. It made breeding a lot easier, but leveling got more tedious. I really don’t know why they go for changes like that.


I was putting together a comp team a few months ago but got bored. Honestly I don’t see me getting interested enough to pick it back up again, now that I’m trying to beat Etrian Odyssey 4 before 5 comes out.


Pokédex Gen 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 complete. Time to complete 7!!




It took all year, but now every season of Pokémon is now up on the Disney XD app.



Prop images for the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie.


I’m very disappointed that they didn’t cast Danny Devito as Pikachu.


I am hyped as all fuck for Ryan Reynolds and for this whole thing.

DeVito was never going to do this, and they still cast a great actor with a great sense of humor.


Sure, realistically speaking, it never would have happened, but I would have really liked an old, jaded, gravelly-voiced Detective Pikachu. Reynolds will do a fine job, I’m sure, but it doesn’t fit my head canon.


Honestly it was the meme-ing American fandom that set the gravelly DeVito voice as an expectation, and they seem to have succeeded in influencing the in-game voice.

Pikachu’s original Japanese voice is a more dashing, Sherlock Holmes-sounding bit. Which is just as funny if you ask me, and I think Reynolds can do either.


I was unaware of said memeing, but I see that it’s there now. I just saw short, fat, and funny and thought DeVito.



Anybody here still play PoGo? I need to add three friends for one of the quests.

7235 2404 3317 <-- My Friendcode



Pokemon Go Pokemon are potentially trespassing in people’s back yards.