Sun & Moon begins its dub premiere May 13.



It was a fun flash in the pan, those naieve summer days. We walked around neighborhoods and watched strangers laugh and share and interact with each other.

I blame Trump for its downfall.


I blame cold weather.


I blame the reality of free to play games.

Pokemon GO has the same reward structure as Ingress. There is literally no alternative in that space.


I live in a walking city, and I play with my SO. Also, now I know the names and locations of all the nearby parks.


I know the names and locations of all nearby parks because I spend time in parks, and I’m not catching Pokemons there.


I blame the “you can’t ride in the car and spin Pokestops anymore” development + living in a rural area. Because there’s literally no way to play without going ludicrously out of my way for hours a day.


Paul Robertson continues to do awesome pixel arts.




Go Plus officially out. lol


A bit too late, I think


If I don’t get it , how else will I savage season?


To its credit, Pokemon Go is still one of the best ways to get some of the more inert acquaintances to leave their house and visit a park once in a while.


It’s not a game with no merit. It’s just it’s very easy to pick on because it has so many obvious and glaring flaws.


It is an exponential grind with zero meaningful player input.


This is one of them.


It is a total nothing game that I bore witness to a small community gathering for “raiding”. They were meeting at a nice park/amish farm that I “accidentally” parked the furthest trail distance away.


Wait, didn’t that come out months ago? I’ve been seeing them in-store in local places for months.