Eh, that guy likes to post click-bait topics and hypes up wrong or misleading information.
He’s still good as an aggregate for fan battles.



One unfortunate thing that’s continued from the last gen is people dumping their breeding trash into wonder trade. Don’t be an asshole, come on.


Trash is the point of wondertrade. It helps you get ‘easy’ Pokémon, that you don’t want to spend effort to get.

Also a good way to get Pokémon from other regions, to breed shinies.

If you want quality Pokémon, use GTS.


I mean, I have dozens of “trash” Mareanies with regenerator that I drop into wonder trade sometimes. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.


For every dozen rattata, there is one Solgaleo.


I got a Minior from a Wondertrade and never knew that Poke was a thing. I’ve gotten both garbage and some really good Pokes with high IVs as well. Just 20 away from completing my Pokedex.


I generally check the IVs of things I get in WT. Easy way to get good breeding stock that wasn’t quite perfect for the breeder’s goal.

I also use it to collect foreign Pokes for the ID lotto in the Tourist Bureau.

And yeah, dex filling.


Foreign Pokes breeding with your Pokes = Shiny Pokes.


Foreign poke helps, but you need that full dex to get that shiny charm to really farm them shinies.





Fuck. How much of my life have I wasted?


Either we will have a long wait for pokémon Stars or it is going to be more Black & White 2 than Pokémon Crystal in terms of scope because Game freak is hiring character designers and modellers:


What you’ve never just thrown Pokéballs at Pokémon before?

I thought the common strategy for capturing Pokémon was just to have as many Pokéballs as possible (of as many types as available) and to focus on throwing balls, only after a Pokémon breaking free then would you then try to reduce it’s HP or change it’s status. Or just keep throwing balls.

The whole point was to avoid the pain of accidentally knocking a Pokémon out, unless it was a Zubat.


I would get em down on hp as much as possible, put them to sleep, then let loose with the ultra balls.


I was a cheap ass-bastard with legendaries as a kid. Buy either every single ultraball my money would allow, or about 40 ultra balls, which ever was cheaper. Walk over to mewtwo, save my game. Begin the battle and throw ball after ball until caught. If he wipes you or you run out. 20 goto 10.

With non legendaries. I’ve definitely killed a few and definitely tried to put some from 20% to 10% before, in retrospect a terrible idea.


Where these numbers changed at all in the Virtual Console release of Pokemon Red/Blue? If not, then I will have an easy time when I go back to it.


Always balls first.

I don’t believe they have. It’s virtually identical. I mean Missingno still works.


Use code ‘INTIMIDATE’ to get Megastones.