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So, I’d just discovered the wonder that is BulbaGanda thanks to Video Game Story Time.

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Fuck that noise.

I want to join Team Rocket.


I could see giving kids ability to steal pokemons from other kids having some issues.

Also I just realized that even though I haven’t touched Pokemon Go in years, I’ll want to read into that so I can explain it all to my dad the next time we meet and I’ll get asked about it.

Yeah, I uninstalled Pokemon Go and deleted my account before the last ConnectiCon I attended :wink:

The Lords of Capitalism

I prefer Weezing Moneybongs.

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I really hope that the other ability is good, because while Levitate does eliminate a weakness, it’s not the weakness that’s a main threat to Poison-types being good.

It only took 20 years.


But, but but… I WANT to waste my time grinding.

Great news EXP Share mandatory. Game will be much more playable.


There are instances where I’d want to turn it off, like to preserve EVs or for a novelty team with lvl 1s. Or for Nuzlock runs, where training has stakes.

Or bullshit like EVs shouldn’t exist either.

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Laughing, because as I read this I’m like 5%-10% of the audience that are fanatics will be livid, but this is overall net good for anyone else and especially new players just picking this one up as their first pokemon game.