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Yep! The song “Six Inch Brain” by Miles from Nowhere. The band themselves barely exist on the internet, outside of one song from their album Deep Blue Something being on youtube. I remember it exactly, I could probably give you 90% of the lyrics, but it’s nowhere to be found.

In my case, one of the novels was called, I think, “The Last of the Dog Men” but in 1995 a movie of the same name came out, but with nothing to do with the novel, that I can tell. Now I can’t find the novel, as every permutation of the title is subsumed with results about the movie. That might have been a subtitle or just a chapter title. But the story is super clear in my mind!

After you listen to the episode you can read this.

The song has been on YouTube for a decade!


The song is on Spotify; it’s his third-most played.


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Contrast with the version dude produced from memory 30 years after the fact:

The New York Times bought Serial.

They’re also making a show about white parents and public schools.

Oh man, I should share this. A podcast I’ve been listening to for the last little bit is Spiritual Successor, which is basically, uh, a spiritual success to Polygon’s Cool Games Inc podcast, and is basically the same except the hosts aren’t Griffin McElroy (unfortunately) or a sex pest (fortunately!). It’s just a really fun time goofing about video games and it helps keep me sane alone in my apartment during the quarentimes.


I’ve been listening to it based on your recommendation and would say it is much better than just a Spiritual Successor to Cool Games Inc as most of the potential games they discuss sound enjoyable to play, rather than fun to watch others rage quit.

Random Number Generator Horror Podcast #9 - The creators of Welcome to Night Vale review horror films. Five episodes are up now.


A fitting one for the day, a short fiction series wrapped up in a nice little meta-narrative that I just finished listening to. Worth a listen if you find yourself on loose ends on this Halloween day.

My unplayed playlist had been piling up, so I declared podcast bankruptcy. I’m never going back to listen to… whatever they were talking about about quarantining back in June on This American Life or Planet Money.

Felt good to wipe out such a huge list!


A new podcast you should be checking out is In Strange Woods. It’s only on its second episode, so it’s a quick catch-up.

Following the mysterious disappearance and tragic death of Jacob Wells, his sister Peregrine sets out on a journey in the local forest to uncover the mystery that took her brother’s life. She’s followed by producer Brett Ryback, who records the events in the style of a documentary.

Also, it’s a musical.

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Same. I stopped listening to pretty much any podcast whatsoever when I lost my commute. I even stopped listening to PTI, which I have been listening to for basically as long as it has existed. If I commute again, I may podcast again.

If I wasn’t streaming myself biking to nowhere, that could be a good podcast time. Also, I was hoping that the bluetooth shower speaker would be good for podcasts, but only music is listenable. Podcasts the words get overpowered by the water. Also, I’m showering less, since I’m not going outside.

Same I stop watching/listening to most podcasts I had been following, but I have picked up a couple of podcasts that are extra features youtube channels I watch (Beyond the Screenplay for Lessons from the Screenplay & Noclip podcast for Noclip). Any podcast that had a section of news/current events that I feel behind on I have 0 desire to revisit and relive 2020 via podcasters to catch up.

A Life Well Wasted

A limited run podcast from 2009, only about 10 episodes.

It’s a very good podcast. I listened through all the main episodes again last year, for the third time in total, and about 8 years since my last listen.

It holds up remarkably well. The “big ideas” episode is one of the only podcast episodes ever to make me cringe, laugh, and also cry with the emotional impact of one of the sections.

It also talks about loads of ideas that are now part of gaming, but we’re also very experimental back then. One professor describes what future gaming might look like when everyone is connected via mobile devices, and it’s remarkably close to what Pokémon Go actually became.

And the guy who licensed Tetris to Nintendo also talks a good “Elon Musk” style talk about making humanity multi-planet for future redundancy, but comes off as inspiring rather than insufferable.

The whole series is highly recommended, though the first episode is weirdly backwards-looking for an otherwise forward looking podcast.

Pessimists Archive has changed its name. It’s now called Build For Tomorrow.

Here’s the explanation for the name change.

Lolita Podcast was probably my favorite new podcast of 2020. I usually listen to this show while walking home from work and pretty much every episode has absolutely stunning moments where I found myself spontaneously exclaiming out loud, “Jesus fucking Christ!” during my walks. Moments that made have to stop walking because I was too physically angry to continue. Hard shit to listen to at some points, but very good content in that this is a subject from which we should not look away; the very real harm resulting from how our culture treats young girls.

The history of this book, and subsequent media, is just astounding. Discussion of the extent to which our society is willing to openly sexualize the bodies of pubescent and pre-pubescent girls is simultaneously disheartening and acutely harrowing. Very thought provoking.

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This sounds like a fun tool to play with.

So I have a story about Nabakov historiography that’s fun as shit. I had to do my 12th grade research paper on a “world literature” author, which apparently meant non-Anglosphere. I told my teacher I wanted to write it on Nabakov. She is taken aback and spends a while talking about the difference between glamorization and depiction, dancing around the subject. I’m confused, and eventually say “Oh I didn’t realize he was the Lolita author. I don’t want to read that. I thought that literary criticism about Pale Fire would be fantastically meta.”


Ha! I can just imagine the teacher having a mini panic attack.

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Seems like Reply All is on the rocks: