Playerunknown's Battlegrounds


They’re working on bullet penetration for limbs and vehicles but I kinda doubt they will be able to do it anytime soon for buildings.


I desperately need some visual indicator of where bullets are coming from like Counter-Strike.


How can I have one kill in 28 games, yet be in the top 39.5% of players. That means I am above average. How bad is average???


I think it averages all accounts, even people who played five games, died in the first five minutes in every one and gave up. I have a K/D of .87 and I am in the top 7%. Also basics of bullet direction finding:

Don’t listen to the whizz or whizz-crack noise that is the sound of the bullet passing by and the crack noise is the sonic boom behind the bullet if its still supersonic. Listen for the bang after the bullet goes past, that’s the actual report from the gun and will give you at least a clue of where the bullet is coming from. This is harder, but not impossible, if the enemy has a suppressor on their gun. If you don’t hear the whizz noise its probably not being fired at you. If the bang is loud they might be shooting at another target in your general direction, so heads up for a second enemy nearby. If its more muffled its being fired away from you. Shots from inside a building or behind a wall make a distinctive hollow noise.


Are bullets not hitscan?


FUCK NO. Semi realistic ballistics. You can see the bullets fly on long range shots or with the Vintorez silenced rifle. The ticks and rangefinder devices on the scopes actually work like IRL.


I have this same problem.


I killed another. I can usually make it to one of the last two circles now.


You are progressing faster than me. Probably because you’ve been playing fps, and I stopped for awhile (years?). I did, however, actually have some firefights, see people, and shoot back at them. I didn’t win, but that’s still progress.


You need to just start playing in squads or duos with randoms. It’s by far the easiest way to learn. You just follow along with the squad, and you’ll work out tactics and strategies and pick up skills in no time. Grinding away at solo games is fun if you just want to explore and aren’t annoyed about dying immediately in every encounter, but if you want to “progress faster” you should squad up.


I was not even aware this was an option. I thought in order to squad I needed to bring a friend.

Also, can I chat with these random squad mates? Are they going to be awful human beings? Are they going to just shoot me or harass me because I suck? If so, not worth it.


Nope. Just squad up with randoms. I play with friends a few times a week, but they are all in weird time zones, so playing with randoms is the main way I play squads. You have built-in voice chat, either push to talk or open, and you can adjust all the volume settings.

The NA servers are generally pretty good in terms of lack of immediate racism in the lobby. For that you need to go on the European servers.

Also I’ve never once had any griefing in the game, nobody has ever shot me or harassed me for being shit or slow. If you just say “I’m super new at this game” other players will help you out, not try to harm you. Like they’ll give you shit you don’t have, because they are infinitely faster at looting than you are.

Even if you are shit, and they don’t bother resuscitating you immediately when you die and wait for the end of the battle, at least you’re valuable as a distraction to other teams. I’ve “won” the game a few times by being in a duo with a super good player, and the most helpful thing I did was splitting the attention of the enemy between people, because I certainly didn’t make the killing shot!

This is why I offered to team up with you for a few games, because all these questions could have been answered in two minutes, not after hours of solo gaming!


Oh yeah, getting lucky and being on a team with a good player sounds great. I hadn’t considered that as an option.

I looked for you, and you weren’t online when I was playing.


I play on a MacBook Pro by booting into Windows, so I’m not regularly waiting around on Steam.


Do you have the Steam app on your phone? You can check when you’re in a gaming mood to see if I’m online without having to reboot your Mac.


I am up for squadding with you when the moons align. Generally, if I don’t respond or can’t play, it’s because Emily is working on something and I have to be quiet :wink:


I don’t know about squads or duos but in solo if I forget to mute the open chat in the lobby 9/10 times the first thing I hear is a racist or homophobic slur. Maybe because you’re dropping straight into squad chat it’s different but I’m not comfortable playing PUBG with randos so I’m almost always solo.

Another tip though: unmute the general chat after landing because you might find someone with an open mic and you can hear their background noise or talking and you can hunt them by that sound.


Ah right, good point. In solo matches, if you leave “everyone” chat open, it’s a lot of racism right away. But in squads matches, everyone knows only three other people are going to hear them, and so normally it’s just “Hey, who has a mic? Cool. Where are you from? Where should we drop?”

I think I’ve only had one or two squad matches where the other people were unpleasant in any way, and it was quite easy just to quit the team.


I have Steam on my MacOS thingy too, so I’ll just leave that open in the evening. If you see me online, get in touch.


My FPS skills aren’t really helping. The primary factors in killing someone are simply:

  1. Do I see them before they see me?
  2. Do I have an appropriate weapon for the engagement?
  3. Does a third party see us both and take advantage of the situation?