PAX Unplugged 2019

PAX has a new theme every year. For example, 2018 merch was all falling pixellated theme that looked like The Matrix. 2019s theme was this gross slime look.

Each PAX has its own colors. South is Orange, East is Red, West is Blue, AUS is Yellow, and Unplugged is Purple.

Therefore, PAX Unplugged 2019 has purple slime.

There is a new theme starting at South next month in 2020. It appears that it’s going to be a “PAX University” theme. We’re talking like, PAX letter jackets, and that sort of thing.


I got more of an Apple II vibe from the font.

yeah, I feel like it was intended to be more of a digital decay/corruption vibe.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a good gaming site. They just recently started a new tabletop focused site, and are doing a ton of stuff at Unplugged. Definitely not actually going to spend any time on their biz at PAX, but I am going to add their site to my feeds.


It took me a second to catch why that was so familiar, and then I realized - I heard about it not from RPS, but from Outside Xbox, because their DnD liveplay DM and Ex-eurogamer video guy/writer, Johnny, is also the lead host on the Dicebreaker youtube channel.

One nice think about PAX this year. I could pick up train tickets to Philly, by walking 20 minutes out of my way this year. Past years, it was more of an adventure parking downtown JUST to pick up tickets.

Update: I also notice they changed the main entrance from the Grand Hall to the front of the convention center. At least I have a shot at getting to sign up for a couple of the Genesys RPGs this year.

Apparently if you’re not logged in to discord, it says “Invite Invalid” rather than prompting to log in or sign up.

Bad UI, discord.

Discord? Bad UI Design? Let me list the ways…

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Allow me to destroy some of that monthly bandwidth.

Photo dump no one asked for



Ah, I went to a panel that featured 3 people from Dicebreaker and the SUSD boys. They were pretty entertaining and I do enjoy RPS so I’ll have to checkout Dicebreaker.

I was like 60% through and I said “If he manages to not have a Rocky statue pic I will be impressed” and then that was the next picture. Also Lolz at getting a photo of the union protest rat inflatables.

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In my defense it’s not a picture of the statue, it’s a picture of the people interacting with it, same thing with the shadows

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What was the deal with that dice game you guys were hyping in the discord channel about it selling out and trying to play. Why was it “so hot right now”?

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We’re reviewing this next Tuesday. I’ve played it enough to know.

It’s the hottest game I saw at PAX hands down.

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I dunno. I saw a lot of people walking around with Klask boxes.

Also, everyone was talking about that Blockbuster game, but someone explained the rules to me, and it sounded like a massively overcomplicated Trivia game.

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Klask isn’t new. It’s been around for many years, and I have video of Scott and I playing it at a West a while ago. It’s fun. It’s way better than you might expect. It has good rules and clever mechanics.

But it’s an old game. Also, it was for sale at PAX. There were effectively zero copies of Nokosudice for sale. That’s how new it is.

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I feel like Oink games made serious money with their distinctive booth and the fact that SUSD had just had a video about them within the last month or so. They also go name dropped at like 3 panels I went to. I personally picked up 2 Oink games. Can’t wait to see your review.

We got a lot of mileage out of A Fake Artist Goes to New York this Unplugged, and Deep Sea Adventure is a classic. I bought both for gifting and also a submarine pin.

I’ll pick up Nokosu Dice as soon as I see it. Per BGG, it looks like it was originally published in 2016, but there’s a (first?) US release as of Unplugged.

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Meanwhile in my strange bubble I have played Pax Transhumanity 5 times since Friday and it has only gotten better. Many people in my board game Slack groups and twitter, too. After Pax Transhumanity and Pax Renaissance, Matt Eklund is a designer I’m following closely.

Looks like Engames (the new Japanese publisher) is a board game cafe in Japan. I wouldn’t expect any kind of distribution in North America outside of (maybe) a small number of games in the BGG store at some point.