PAX Unplugged 2018


The relevant points:

  1. Players who are eliminated from the game do not reveal their identity until the end of the game

  2. Townsfolk murder any number of players during the day.

  3. Players agree to have a night phase to find out if there are still living Mafia (i.e., they murder someone at night)

  4. Mafia can’t communicate at night and must vote unanimously on one person to kill or they kill nobody

  5. Townsfolk win if a night goes by where no one attempts a murder


I saw that game; did it end up being any good?


No idea - me and Anthony just walked by and had to get a picture of their standee to troll Rym. We didn’t demo it or even remember the name :stuck_out_tongue:


I just assumed it was a new King of Tokyo character


I only played two of these. Word Slam, Estates, and Mesozooic sound right up my alley.


The Estates is, in fact, a very mean game. It feels like you have enough money because it’s so hard to evaluate everything and money is 100% worthless at the end of the game, and then you suddenly don’t have enough.


Q.E. sounds like a tabletop game that could actually translate well to online.


We were mostly playing Azul Sintra right, except that you also randomly pull a piece from the bag, use it as the first round marker, and that color also scores the completed tile bonus for the first round.


Did you get the rule wrong or was this intentional?


I was taught it wrong, and read the rules now. In the two games I played, the first round had no marker or bonus.


We finally have a follow up to our least favorite vendor.

In short no cash given but 13000 games to the organization. I rather have them cut a check than to give the board games they buy for pennies on the dollar to kids myself. He already mentioned he will be at pax East doing the same game.


We should just start gambling at PAX, for real, and be like hey, you’re allowing gambling over there!


I will dedicated deal one table of hold’em, up to say 10 players.


Pandante with a $20 cash buy-in?


They just donated trash. Games probably similar to those boxes and ending up kids playing garbage games and eventually throwing them away.


Yeah, of fucking course they weren’t going to give any money.


In Expo cause I wouldn’t sell him a booth


How about that even worse crate booth at South?


I hope there isn’t enough room at East for them. South always struggles with booths. They even had a booth selling exclusive Funko Pops. I think the Expo team would sell to anyone at South. Loot boxes, energy gel, whatever garbage you can think of.


I gotta play games, so I need goo.