PAX Unplugged 2018


PAX is done need sleep.

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Board game booster box talking about sales, I asked how much goes to charity. Let the games begin.


lol that pic of games, I’ve only heard/played Eleminis, but that’s for young gamers


I’m glad two separate friend groups are dunking on BGBB now. People buy it for a cheap endorphin hit and some asshole gets to feel like they made a business model out of finding a home for thousands of games no one would buy on purpose because one person walks away with an MSRP copy of Mansions of Madness that comes with 5 free pounds of unwanted cardboard headed for a landfill.

The existence of the board game booster box is a powerful argument for an immanent market correction for board games.

I also might be annoyed because “navigate expo hall aisles that are cluttered because they’re full of people holding bulky containers of literal garbage” is a problem unique to PAXU.


It’s almost as prevalent as “Watching people get their heads taken off by those board game backpacks”, which would be entertaining if it didn’t look so painful.


Too many aggro “I must buy things” people also contributed to the pushiness in the aisles.


Recovering today.

I played some things:

… and I did buy some things:


And you didn’t even have to aggro!


I was able to get to play:

Jurassic Park
Glen More
Guess Who
Resturant Rivals (Post-Kickstarter/Pre-retail game)
Fireball Island
New Angeles
7 Wonders

Really wasn’t in the mood to by anything. Sort of hit the saturation point of “Owning physical board games”.


Nearly had Train aggro on Saturday. Of the Mother-with-child and sketchy dude variety which had a racial undertone to it. :open_mouth:


Feedback thread


Forgot to post that I found Rym’s fursona in the expo hall:




The Cookie Brigade offered us a whole pie. That’s new.


Also, if you ran into someone from the Cookie Brigade selling Iced Vovos - kind of a biscuit with pink icing and jam with a bit of coconut - that’s my recipe, that I shared with one of the other Aus enforcers who was going over to cookie brigade.


Not gonna lie, the Bacon Fat Ginger Snaps were pretty clutch.


PAX livestreamed one of our panels. We were in the big panel room on Sunday


So, what ARE the real Mafia rules?


Rules most people play with:

At night the mafia members all wake up and select someone to murder. One civilian always dies every night.

Real rules:

At night the mafia members are woken up individually. Each mafioso indicates which civilian they would like to murder. A civilian will only die if all the remaining mafia unanimously select the same exact civilian.

This requires the mafia to communicate with each other during the day. This makes a huge difference because now civilians actually have information to work with in determining who is mafia and who is not.

I saw Rym winking at Scott Johnson! They’re mafia!

It’s no longer about who you feel like killing based on guts and social interaction, but based on actual evidence.

Bonus extra hard mode: The mafia don’t even know who each other are at the beginning of the game.


It appears the classic rules also have no limit to the number of daytime eliminations.


While that is a big difference, it just changes the tactics of the game. Mostly if the civilians are going to lose at night anyway, they may as well keep eliminating mafia hoping for a win. The difference I pointed out completely changes the nature of the game.