PAX Unplugged 2018


Got into Classic Cardboard, which looks like a ton of fun.


The most fun. Check out what events are happening during evening (Stratego, Uno, and Scattegories) as you will likely be asked to help run those tournaments. Brush up!


The only thing more depressing than this tweet is that the response seems to be mostly positive.


I got randos coming into my DMs angrily saying I’m endangering them with my attitude. They are terrified children who want metal detectors everywhere.

I disabled public DMs…


I am hoping that this call was done by someone who was not part of pax group and this can be undone in the future.


At no point in modern American history has something like this been done and then undone…

These kids have never been to a school without metal detectors. They’ve never flown without the TSA. They’ve never gone to Canada without a passport.


Arrivaderci, e addio! :it:


All I can say is that you all need to continue to voice your opinions.


Here’s an idea.

Metal detectors at the entrance to the Expo hall and nowhere else =P


This tweet exchange is giving me life. Scott, if you want to continue owning this guy into next Tuesday, you can point out how he gets a room at the attached hotel, which most attendees can’t get in on.


He has to reply again.


Is there a good place to leave feedback to the bullshit or voice it to an open area? Because when you have 2 lines, outside, in the technically winter, at 8 AM, lots of people are going to feel the wrath of that wind tunnel and sour on their positivity.


Interesting. The basic PAX t-shirt doesn’t appear on the banner, but it is on the price list for $25. Meanwhile the limited edition premium T is on the banner, and only costs $18? I think it’s a typo because the premium T is $30 on the price list.


Spending time on parts of rulebooks that I skipped the first time


No pic of new hoodie either.


“This has several important and immediate consequences” is an understatement.

I read that section while I was waiting for Scott to take his turn I think.


Full banner not in the tweet

They still got the LE Tee listed twice. Once at $30 and once at $18.


Whomever is making a general chat for us could you add me to it?


Same, though I was thinking it might be easier to create a #pax-unplugged channel in the discord than do a hangouts or something.


Done if you guys want to use it.