PAX Unplugged 2018


This is why I’m not playing competitively. Just going to play casually with the common sense real rules. Going to completely ignore FFG and play the game the right way. Feel free to use your biomatrix backup on me.


My understanding is that playing this game competitively would be odd anyway. Even if you were fully bought in to wanting to do this.

The fact you can’t create your own deck means you’ll now be in a bit of a “the few decks that are deemed “the best” are the only one’s playable and therefore expensive” situation

The whole point of this game to me is like… pokemon. Your crazy weird deck vs my crazy weird deck. Every time. Nobody really has a choice in the matter.


Not sure which competitive format(s) FFG is actually going with, because I don’t care. However, there are several ways to basically completely solve the problem of having the person who got lucky with the strong deck just win.


You can play competitively without involving FFG. For instance, at the local game store for store credit. I believe this is pretty common. They would probably have a more typical competitive format.

Drafting this game could be pretty cool though, ya gotta admit. And by drafting I just mean everyone buys a deck and then normal double elimination rules apply.


Whenever we played Netrunner, while it was alive, we played according to the official rules from FFG Organized Play. It would simply be unfair for someone who showed up at a public event at the store to be surprised and subject to our store’s special rules.


They way the game is supposed to work, once you register your deck on the FFG website. The name of the deck is taken out of circulation on all further print runs. So if you find a hot deck, register it so it doesn’t get reprinted.


I hadn’t heard this. Wouldn’t they just keep a database of all the deck names they’ve printed and not print the same name twice?


Because Fantasy Flight is dumb as shit?

(Also, what if a deck ends up in a box somewhere in Oregon and nobody gets to play it?)


I’m sure there’s no shortage of available names.


Of Magic, Mark Rosewater has stated that one of the limiting resources for new cards is names.


Some Keyforge decks are actually being recalled to have their names changed because the random name generator came up with some pretty offensive names:

Just a few examples found so far:


So far almost every one of these “defective” decks is one I would never give back to them.


Uhhh I’ll make a list of what I’m bringing soon.


I’d pay extra for one of these defective decks and I haven’t even played this yet.


Kickstarter couchland schedule:


We recorded our PAX Unplugged Hype Show last night. It’ll be up in the feed tonight.


I got my assignment this year and I shall be stationed at Mothman in the morning.

I am going to miss you all in free play.


I’m suprised they’re not bringing the CoLaboratory over from Aus to Unplugged. For those who can’t figure it out from the name, it’s similar to First Look, except the game designer is the one running it, and they’re tuning, taking feedback, testing and adjusting the game as it’s played through the weekend.


We have had that for around 5 years. It’s run by an outside group called UnPub, and they do a great job. They attempted to call it collaboratory but I managed to kill it for this year. UnPub deserves the credit of having their name out there. 50 table room this year too. Nice upgrade.


That’s what I get for not paying attention, I guess.