PAX East 2017

I can only bring tiny games with me so we shall see what I can fit in bags.

Best theme, but is the game any good?

I should make a bagel game.

Why not go balls out and make a Jewish Deli board game.

I guess that’s happening now.

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If it is going to be called Balls Out it could at least be matzo-themed

Sources say…yes.

I refuse to watch that guy’s videos because it has nothing to do with Gameboy

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Edit: Oh, New York Slice is coming out this week. How could I not?
[/quote]I wonder if they’ll change the name if it’s released here, since we’ve got a takeaway Pizza chain here called “New York Slice.”
(Don’t get too excited, it’s terrible.)

This seems about right for gaming following a morning tabletop shift.

Games to bring to PAX East 2017

Short, interesting games I would play 2-3 times in a sitting if asked. A 60-minute worker placement game from the same designer as Caylus. Quartermaster General. La Città.

Was the [E] schedule posted?

No schedule yet. Just assuming I get my first choice for now.

I think I posted here weeks ago w/ different lineup but things did get shifted around, and I am morning TT. Was going to do night but I have panels during mid and night shifts.

TT shifts might be smooth as butter this year. We got some improvements in the works that I think will cut the max wait time in that stupid line by at least half, if not more.

Chris that looks like a solid bag. I’ve always wanted to try La Citta.

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I also own La Citta. Brought it to MAGFest but we never ended up playing it. It’s an odd beast.

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Rubin taught me at MAG, and I bought a copy after I got back. It’s good, and unique.

Update: I am in the more expensive room since the price got dropped, sharing a room with 9 people is not in the cards for me, I can go 6 maybe 7 tops in this age.Good news is that I will be there for Pre PAX gaming and possibly this PAX show.

The ass-band hoodies are a thing this year.

Please come visit me at the Indie Bazaar, where I will be hocking games. Some of which I wrote.

Those hoodies look so good if not for the ass band.

I’ll be enforcing in the VIP area most of the con, so yay I guess. ¯\(ツ)

I am back in Main Theatre (my OG [E] crew) for the night shift. Good times.