PAX East 2017

It appears that I will be presenting in the the Condor Theatre (best theatre) on Sunday afternoon. Which means I’m heading to PAX East! Once again anyone need a body for their room let me know.

So far I am 2/2 with Paxes, will it be 3/3 in 2017?

I’ll be there. No panels or nothin’, but I be running whatever pickup roleplaying games I can manage. As usual, I’ll carry a huge bag of cool RPGs from my library; I really want to run MASKS or something for you cool people.

I applied as enforcer, other than that I’d be willing to do any off-con meet ups, as I live nearby.

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Thread from previous forum.

I haven’t submitted a panel since PAX East 2013, but went 2/2 on this one. Got an industry panel on Friday at 3, and then a game show event, a live Wits & Wagers game, Friday at 7. Wasn’t expecting the latter to get picked for streaming theater, so here goes nothing.

Tabletop System Wars was accepted.

Hi all quick update since this is coming down the pike fast.

  1. I am willing to join in on a room if there is a sport open. Please PM me with the info so that we can discuss this.

  2. A buddy of mine got screwed out of her pass to PAX East and is looking for a room and badge. If you have those to sell let me know and I will coordinate the information exchange.

Holy shit 2 PAXs in a 3 month span is crazy.

PAX East reclaimed tickets posted.

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I guess that reminds me I should put mine up. Kinda seems like no point after the break up. Probably drop the hotel reservation.

[E] do the thing.

Anthony’s working at East this year, too :]

I have extra badges I don’t need… no room, though.

My tiny plane is reserved and I am pumped to go.

As usual, I am super down to run any RPGs anyone wants in on. I have some new games I wanna test on unsuspecting people, and I got standards like Dungeon World and such as well.

Sad note, the hostel I usually stay at is closed, so I had to book a new and scary place.

For those with extra badges. I have have people will to buy them off of you, send me a message with price so that I can help you offload them.

I have 2x Friday and 2x Sunday badges I would like to part with. I’d prefer getting what I paid for them. ~$50 each IIRC I can doublecheck

I’m arriving around 3:30pm on Thursday, leaving Monday morning!

But of a pickle at the moment it appears my initial plan of driving to Boston is scrapped due to not enough travel time on the way back. Now I need to find a way to get to Boston on the cheap.

On top of that I have two room offers, one is cheap but fitting 9 to a normal double bed room. The other is an air BNB apartment rental and a pull out bed, but over double the cost.

Note to self: next year do east or south but not both.

Can’t go wrong with the Bolt Bus.

[quote=“Apreche, post:17, topic:335, full:true”]
Can’t go wrong with the Bolt Bus.
[/quote]Only really if you live in New York, the Bolt Bus hub. Otherwise you’re stuck with Megabus or worse.


[quote=“Coldguy, post:16, topic:335”]
due to not enough travel time on the way back.
[/quote]If not enough travel time is the problem, no bus will help. It’s time to fly or train.

For those who are into Music and are in Boston during PAX East here is a show for you.

East is only two weeks away… probably going to bring Russian Railroads, as well as cards to play Mü. I haven’t played either since West.

Edit: Oh, New York Slice is coming out this week. How could I not?