After we livestream the show, I’m going to eat dinner and then dive in.

If we get enough people for a private custom game, I’m willing to play only characters I’m bad at.

  • Hamtaro
  • Genjo
  • Hanjo
  • Fisto
  • Grandma


I haven’t played in months, so I’ll probably be terrible.


Fuck it, I’m in. I’m not bad at this game, but we’ll see how I go with latency from Australia to the US.


OK, I’m about to eat, so I’ll spin up in about an hour tops. Hopefully more like 45min. I’ll come back in here to post when I’m gearing up. I’ll find you all in Blizzard.

Open expiring infinite-use Discord link so you can all join the same Discord in FRCF! I’ll join it when I’m back!


I’m diving in.

15 characters of diving in.


Good games! Sorry I bailed early. This is too stressful even for me. I couldn’t keep my mind in the game.

Let’s do this again this weekend and/or later this week!


man I am so bad now lmao
(but I had a lot of fun, especially the deathmatch)


Between the elections and the Overwatch, that went pretty well. I had fun playing with y’all!


We’ll do this again. Group deathmatch is hella fun.

We should do it with only one hero. All D.VA. All Reaper.



After you left we did some Mystery Hero deathmatch, which was even better!

As for “ALL DOOMFIST”, after 27 hours of him I’m a half-decent Doomfist. He’s also probably the least playable hero by far on 250ms ping, but maybe if y’all aren’t very good at Doomfisting I’ll have a shot at winning :wink:


The game kept reminding me that I had to participate or I wouldn’t get XP. :frowning:

Playing Mercy in FFA Deathmatch is obnoxious.


Wonderfully so. I’ve seen people win with her. If you’re a good shot you can go far.



I honestly haven’t played enough since he came out to know his timing/range etc on an instinctual level. Which was pretty obvious when I kept getting tanks against you :sweat_smile:

I almost never play death match either so it’s hard to figure out how to not get ganged up on. Sombra was the most fun for me, since invisibility. I’ll probably keep playing her just to refine my aim.


My main DM strats have been to either:

  1. Pick one poor soul and chase them down at all cost
  2. Hang out where other people are fighting and try to steal kills.


Moira was way better at DM than I remembered. Rando DM was fun.

Should make some saved modes for next time. Would have to figure out what the configuration limits are but should be able to at least do boops only, some equivalent to instagib, and boss mode (everyone vs 1 OP player)


All Soldiers team deathmatch is way more fun than one might expect.

All Rein is also ridiculously fun. It turns into a game of Charge-Chicken.


All lucio is where it’s at. Make in Illios and you have a game of competitive booping.


I’d lower the cooldown a second. Make it a little more frantic.


Seagull with a video on the state of Overwatch right now. It hits on how I’ve been feeling when playing, and why I’ve avoided it more and more since Orisa.

Seagull is also hosting a discussion on the state of the game with a few other pros on his twitch stream right now (~2:00 PM Central).