So two things I sort of noticed about the new Reunion short.

Jesse McCree is basically Matt Mercer cosplaying a Cyborg Cowboy. (I realize there’s mocap involved, but it’s still hard to stay this is Matt doing a cowboy twang)

Jennifer Hale is the voice of Ashe, which is alway fun. That being said, her weapon loadout is in my wheelspace. You don’t have the tunnel vision of a sniper rifle, but you have better range than McCree’s pistol.


DMR and sidearm is the best, I’d been thinking about the lack of that niche in the game for a while.


I don’t want to be on edge all night tomorrow, so I’m going to play Overwatch while I keep tabs on the results of the election that determines if I remain a US citizen or not…

Anyone want to join a discord and play Overwatch while the world potentially burns? I wanna get a group to play Mystery, or possibly a group to play custom server.


This did not work out for me well the last time we did this.


Sadly Tuesday night is a raid night for me still for a bit.


I’ll play once I get home from work, sure. We can switch off on shield tanking and I can heal when needbe


Tomorrow after we do the show I’ll get online and we’ll get who we can in for this =)


Matt Mercer had direct involvement on McCree iirc, so yeah its essentially him cosplaying.

I’ll join the election OW if you guys are still playing after my dnd sesh.


I’m in if it’s still going after around 9 tomorrow.


I might keep y’all company for this; I’m free tomorrow. I think I’m good enough at the game to deal with the latency as long as I choose the right kinds of heroes.


I’ll post here and tweet and such.


If you leave, stay a citizen so you can vote later!


I have to pay federal income taxes if I do that.

But citizenship is a whole other decision to make with a separate set of concerns.


I quite used to the lag, I’m just rubbish.


I lost two placement matches due to lag. For whatever reason I got stuck on servers that were shit for me, and I was the only one experiencing it. (I jumped into QP and had zero problems right after, and also had zero problems in other placement matches in comp).

When I say lost, I mean specifically we lost because of my personal lag. Multiple instances where a point push failed because I whipped around the flank to focus fire a turret or healer, the game lagged, and then the D.Va rockets missed. Tight games where that turret/healer staying up was the tipping point.


As a fellow D Va player, do you think the glut of characters with shields has made her ult less viable especially in QP? I feel like when there’s always at least two often three or more shield characters that can block the self destruct it’s just not worth ulting except on the chaotic final push/defense or if you have a Sombra to take out shields.


QP kids are real easy to get with the ult. But, I don’t use it to kill when there are shields necessarily. I use it to get the Rein to turn around (and thus face focus fire from behind). I use it to scatter. I use it to break a choke.

I never use it to mass kill anymore unless the other team is incredibly unobservant.

I’ve broken a lot of shield walls by getting a suit to explode behind them while my Orisa focus fires from the front.


Self Destructs used to get 0 kills in Overwatch League until people became absolute ninjas with their placement. Occasionally when I play D.Va I get something, but it’s certainly less common.


Played a match of Overwatch today after months long break. During three rounds of control I went from “how does this game work again, everyone keeps dying, me included” to playing a great round keeping people alive, killing enemies and just having a really great feeling round.

I think that’s one great thing about Overwatch, I know I’m not great even at my best, but even rusty I can be effective enough in play that I can feel good about my performance.


i’m in.