It boils down to the same thing. I wouldn’t do it personally.


Yeah, you might be playing with people who have speech impediments or something. Or maybe they’re deaf.


I meant, actually getting better.


Made it back into my rightful plats by becoming a Winston main.


Double XP Weekend starting tomorrow.


I’m under 2k after placements for the first time ever. My teams were unable to get kills or be effective in their roles a majority of the time.


Overwatch as cats is a thing, and it is beautiful.


My favorite part of silver is the confusing racism:

you’re either a jew or def asian

Like what the fuck does that even mean?


Based on how my solo queue placement matches are going, if I end up in Silver, I think I will be a destroying god.

Even if my team is awful, there’s a point at which I can walk around murdering so many people it doesn’t matter.


I got placed in silver and was sitting on a 75% win rate as Pharah up to 2300. Then I kinda started dicking around. If I serious up again I think getting back to mid plat shouldn’t be too hard.


On a win streak, finally made it up to gold, over 500 SR above where I started. I stopped maining Mercy and started using tanks, especially Roadhog and Orisa. I’m really hit-or-miss with Roadhog, not really sure why, but Orisa’s going well for me.



I had just assumed that the off-season was when they did tweaks to the SR algorithm, which resulted in the shifts. I guess that makes sense though that they wouldn’t want a player’s placement rank to be the season high.

It surprises me that anyone wants complete ranking resets, maybe they’ve just never played a game that actually did that? It just results in a week of flip of the coin steam rolls until everyone resettles into the exact same tiers they were in before.


Oh. Well then. I feel a bit better about my placement rank because if you add ~200 points to my placement score It would be within a few points of my final rank kast season.


Maybe for you - I haven’t done placement this season, but if you assume the same in reverse and knock 200 off my score, I’m sitting around an even 900, maybe a little below.


I’ve lost most of my placement matches so far, largely because of individual former-diamonds on the other teams and no-stars on mine.

We’ll see what even happens.


I’m still not convinced I should have ranked above Bronze. I was silver in Season 1 and 2, but then I sat out 3 and 4. I am no Overwatch pro.


I’ve never been as low as silver. I’m terrified of what it will be like if I am placed there.


It is a fucking cesspool of hate. Everyone is pissed off that they suck at Overwatch. Except for me cause I’m not a fucking baby? It sucks the will out of playing further competitive, and I switch over to arcade and quickplay.


3v3 Lockout is legit!