I gained over 200 SR last night. Hopefully I’ll be back to gold sooner rather than later.

I feel like my shooting skills are below par even for the lower tiers, but I have a pretty good understanding of the game and make smart decisions which put me where I am. I’ve started playing pretty much just mercy or tanks and making a lot calls over the voice chat.

I was playing a KotH game last night where one of the DPS players started complaining that everyone sucked partway through. After the second round of switched from Mercy to Roadhog because no one would keep Winston off me. I got 3 elims which gave me the gold. How the fuck does someone have the audacity to complain about his teammates when he gets 3 elims in 2 rounds?


I pretty much play Pharah still. I took 1.5 seasons off, so I kinda had to re-learn the game.


Quick play, le sigh. Today I joined a game and it went to Gibraltar Attack. After initial selection the team was a one tank (me) and five damage heroes, including of course the mandatory Hanzo and Widowmaker. I ask if we can get a healer, and the Widowmaker player tells me, and this is a quote “this is quick, nobody’s gonna do it”. Of course nobody did and we pretty much got stomped by a much more balanced team. Probably should have just quit that game immediately after receiving that moron’s answer.


We should form a 6-group and stomp around QP for a couple hours :wink:


If I’m there, I’m healing



I’ll be on later this afternoon through evening. I’m up for some QP stomp. It’ll salve the wounds I feel solo queueing placement.


Put up a post or something, I’ll be there.


Just lost a comp match on Dorado by 53 cm. Feels bad man :X


Two solo matchmaking games in a row I get a team of scrubs, and the other side has a platinum+ smurfing with two woods grouped.


So I just got about 3000 Credits, which would finally let me pick up the Sentai Genji skin that I am really clamoring for. However…3000 Credits can get me a LOT of other fancy skins.

Do you guys think it’d be worth dropping the credits for this skin (I really, really, really like that skin), or is this particular skin a little overpriced compared to the other Legendaries?



/with fifteen characters



You’d better believe I solo queued Competitive, went 4-6, and am in Bronze hell. I can accept that Overwatch is not My Game. People in here are insanely salty. I will go back to arcade.

During a comp match I did get PotG for booping into the well both a Lucio and a Torb who just went ult.


This is the… third? Fourth? Chinese Overwatch ripoff I have heard of. I love Chinese bootleg ripoff games.


We need more custom 6v6/3v3 games with autobalance so everyone can level up together.


I thought there was no levelling in custom games.


Would I be justified if I reported everyone who refused to join team voice in comp?


No it specifically says in the report menus that not using comms is not grounds for reporting.


It says “staying silent” which I’m fine with; I specifically mean “refuses to join channel” so they can’t listen either.