PTR’s also got a major Roadhog nerf – the reduction in his shot damage means that his hook combo probably won’t be able to reliably kill people anymore. I’m very sad about it.


This makes me very sad.


I’m fine with that. With even half competent team any hero hooked by Hog should die instantly, even if it can’t be killed just with the combo. Sure it gives characters with ways to run away from the situation edge against the hook, but I still see hook remaining as strong and useful ability.


With even half competent team any hero hooked by Hog should die instantly

I guess I’d better work on upping my rank then.


It should be noted that while the bullet damage has been reduced by 33%, the fire rate has been inceased by 30%, the Clip Size increased from 4 to 5 and his head hitbox reduced by 20%. Haven’t played with it yet and losing the one-shot kill will suck, but these are some major improvements as well.

Other hero changes is that Reaper no longer has to collect orbs but simply regains health at a rate of 20% of damage done (which I find kind of unnecessary), and McCree’s Deadeye now locks onto targets much faster and gains more damage early making it probably a whole lot more useful.

Also Oni Genji and Officer D.Va have been added to lootboxes. Patch Notes




That only works when you’re with your team though – one of Roadhog’s best points has been his ability to run independent flanks on the enemy team since he has self-heal and can 1v1 other heroes well.


The increased ROF and clip for hog should make the right click - hook - left click combo easier to pull off, which if done right deals more damage over all.

I’ve played a few rounds on the new map and I think I like it but I can’t form a real opinion until it makes it into competitive. It’s odd to me that it’s a 2 point capture when that seems to be the most hated game mode. I don’t mind but I’d rather have another symmetrical capture map.


Placed at the very bottom of silver. Hopefully this just means some easy wins until I hit gold again.


Overwatch is removing the “Rate this match” feature, because according to Jeff Kaplan, despite their high expectations of getting interesting data, they’ve learned exactly three things from it:

  • New players used the Rate This Match feature more than existing players
  • Players enjoy winning
  • Players do not enjoy losing

And absolutely nothing else.


Well duh.


I don’t think I’ve ever used the “rate this match” function.
I think it would only be useful for spectators, but who even spectates in Overwatch except for pro matches?


[quote=“chaosof99, post:435, topic:291, full:true”]
I don’t think I’ve ever used the “rate this match” function.
I think it would only be useful for spectators, but who even spectates in Overwatch except for pro matches?
[/quote]I rate almost every match I play, outside of customs. If it’s a hard-fought match, I vote high, if it’s a weak match or a steamroll, I vote low. If it starts hard fought and turns into a steamroll, I vote middle. Doesn’t matter who wins or loses - I’ve low-rated plenty of matches where we just stomp the other team.

Not really bothered to see it go, though. It’s just a nothing, and most people don’t use it. Could be useful for spectators, might get better data that way, but like you said, who even spectates unless it’s a)on a pro match, or b)they’ve joined on to a friend and they’re just either waiting to get into a match, or just there for their mate and would vote like players do now anyway?


I only rated matches low if they were vastly one-sided (regardless of if I won), or the people playing were being shitcocks. I rated probably every game.


I’m not surprised at all by that data. @rym even talked about this I think I believe in reference to why people cheat, that in theory people want evenly matched, hard fought games but in reality most people just want to win and the worse they trounce an opponent the better. So it is no surprise that the majority like the matches they win and dislike matches they lose.


I rated similarly, until I realized the data was absolutely worthless. However, if they had various labels they could put on the rating, like “steamroll”, “close game”, etc, that might have some value – although I don’t see that kind of information being difficult to glean from things like time to objective completion, objective progression, capture percentage, frequency of turnover, number of team/multi kills, etc.

… That is, if they wanted to use that data for matchmaking.

OTOH, if they were looking to quantify enjoyment… pfff


Had some real bad placements (including one Ilios game where a teammate intentionally fed for the entire match), and placed at 2431. Kinda annoyed, but I need to get my rank up before the Roadhog nerf.


I really do need to quit. I ranked at 900. There is literally no point in me playing.


Ignore rank.
Play for giggles.


Or maybe you just need to find a different role. I suck at clicking heads, so I doubled down on being the best Mercy I can be.