Just had an insane comp game on Temple of Anubis. First we took the first point quite quickly but the second point was a four minute long fight before we could finally get rid of them all. We then had trouble but could hold them long enough. Went to extra innings with both teams having a minute on the clock. We were on attack first went essentially full dive combo, though with a Rein instead of a D.Va. I was Winston. Their Roadhog tried to do a cheeky pick through the side entrance but he missed which I think was their undoing. We all went directly to the point and smashed their defenses down because they couldn’t handle. Then we snowballed the second point too. Suddenly it’s 4-2 and they don’t go full dive combo with a minute to capture the first point. We hunker down, get a couple of picks and win.


In a match just now a Diamond player got backfilled into a bronze level match. I felt as though I had been visited by some kind of deity.



Pretty good, I might need to read more of this.


Competitive highlight of the night


Some potg


This roadhog kept hooking me…


Roadhogs never learn that hooking a D.Va is frequently a death sentence. D.Va’s guns melt you at close range, and even if you kill her mech she can finish you off with her pistol. And sometimes you will get a nasty explosive surprise.


I hooked Rym’s detonating D.Va last FRC Overwatch weekend and dropped it into the water at LiJiang tower. That was deeply satisfying.


So far my favorite D.Va bomb cancel is throwing Orissa’s shield over it. I almost never intentionally hook the mech, but I have decent accuracy at hooking her out of the air as she ejects.
The only more satisfying D.Va kill is throwing her down a hole, mech and all while the booster is on cooldown.

I saw a gold portrait for the first time in a match yesterday. They were not good.


Are you kidding? Hooking a non-exploding D. Va suit pops it pretty much instantly since the shotgun headshot does some 400 damage. Roadhog wins that fight most every time unless they’re bad.


The trick is to charge+melee post hook. You might still get desuited, but you can make them pay.


Overwatch: Anniversary event, May 23-June 12


fite me in Overwatch irl



I love hooking me some Dvas, easy mech kill. One shot is guaranteed, if you some how miss the head just take the second and they’re done.
Also the best time to be doing this is when they’re defence matrix is up and blocking for people behind themselves or they’re preserving their own life as other DPS is shooting them.


Probably 75% of the time if a Hog hooks me on D.Va they’re dead by my hand within seconds. Maybe its just Bronze level playing on their part?



I don’t know anyone playing competitive mode just for a golden gun. Is this a thing?


I dunno man I think there’s a bunch of bad Hog players. Most Roadhog duels are hilariously easy for me as they don’t know how to optimise the combo or do a right click head shot before hooking primary fire then melee, side step primary fire again.

I mean definitely Dva’s E destroys all your damage and ultimate output, which is why Reaper is useless if you have a half decent Dva play on your team.
I guess it becomes a skill matchup which is better than a hard counter situation, with reliance upon the rest of your team.

I get so confused when I hook one of the opponent tanks and no on my team tries to assist and shoot the person being hooked, even if I call it.


This doesn’t seem true, but cool if it is.