I wanted to ask what’s your aversion to even the ones you earn? I totally get not wanting to spend money on boxes but if you get them for playing why not open them?


Not overwatch related but it’s blizzard so I’m counting it. They have this promo in Heroes of the Storm where if you log in for a little while you get like 20 heroes (1 of 4, 20 hero packs) for free.

I used to have a few friends who played this and I sometimes played with them so I figured if I ever played again I might wanna have this. So I reinstalled and logged in. Got my pack then noticed they added lootboxes since I last played. I had some epic lootboxes a few legendary lootboxes and and like 30 common ones.

I guess they just gave them away when the system came out. I promptly laughed and uninstalled it again. So I guess I too have a bunch of unopened loot boxes. I just didn’t grind to get them.


That’s still slightly better than their last pricing model which was WAY more than what any sane person should pay for digital hats.On the bright side, HotS turned out more fun to play with friends than expected. Win or lose, fun times were had.


I agree on one count, and don’t comment on the other. I have no idea what their old pricing structure used to resemble. I never looked. It really is fun to play with friends though.


I don’t care that much about “loot” in games, especially cosmetic loot. In CS, I’ve never customized any gun ever. I auto-sell everything I ever get on the Steam marketplace.


It was more than $20.


Eurobeat Lucioooooo


I got kind of fed up with completely idiotic teams in Quick Play so I got back into competitive play despite some really salty people there. To my surprise it seems to have gotten a bit better. However, I kind of fucked up my placement matches. Maybe it was rust, maybe I am just not as good as I once was/once thought I was at FPSes but I got put into gold, and low gold at that :frowning:

Anyway, working my way up and already made more than 150 SR back or so. Still got like 300 SR to go before hitting my career high though. Will try to make Platinum soon. I guess the good thing starting so low is that almost every win sets a new season high :slight_smile: Playing mostly tanks this season, particularly trying to improve Winston. Not playing Orisa because I just don’t really understand the character. Also picked up Soldier as my main DPS hero and playing Zenyatta if the team needs a healer.

Unfortunately there are still some run-ins with really awful teams, e.g. today on Route 66 the damage guys couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn and then the rest of the team started flaming each other. I tried to tell them to stop but it was of course for naught. Oh well. However there are also nice surprise like a hold on Hanamura today where everybody was voice communicating and nobody made any bad remarks though at least one was a 14-year old kid which are usually flame magnets.


The weather is bad this weekend, so I’ll be playing. Maybe we can finally 6v6


As part of the law in China blizzard has revealed part of the randomness of the loot boxes:


Highlight from tonights 6v6:


Was playing Overwatch today trying to work on the Rank. Got paired with two complete shitbirds who were in a group and of course took both picked the DPS spots, one of which with Junkrat on a KOTH map and did nothing to support any. Both also completely spammed the voicechat and the entire team started bickering. Only thing I ever said was that they all suck and should just shut up and get to work. Of course we get completely stomped.

I jump into the next game and of course the two shitbirds are on the other team and start bullshitting that I am a toxic player. My only answer is an explanation of what happened and after that I refuse to engage them in chat. Suddenly they can actually play correctly and group up as PharMercy and single me out. My team is also completely incapable of doing anything. After we lose one of them tells me “you are terrible chaosof99” but of course it’s me who is “toxic”.

At this point I was pretty pissed and decided to do something else and watched a couple of YouTube videos. Got back in but lost again. Before the above encounter I needed one more win for Plat but suddenly I was back to 2410. Buckled down though. Played tank with a lot of pretty decent folks. One round on Lijiang Tower was pretty close but we won and I rattled of four wins in a row.

I’m back in Platinum now baby! 130 to my career high which is the next goal.


Again tonight, anyone? Again, around 6-7 PM EST?


I’m down. But I need 15 characters to tell you that.


I should really do some work, but I can join for an hour or two.


I’m down. I’ll get online around 6 :wink:


I’d be happy to join in too.


I’ll probably be on and off while I do laundry. Should be solid by 630




That was some GOOD SHIT last night.