So they have basically given slight buffs to how I play Lucio since I remain close to the tanks and move towards none-flanking other characters when I need to…with the offensive upgrade being really good for me (Last competitive match I played with Lucio I was getting a 8 elimination streak while remaining holding the control point objective.). I hope that the decrease in Orisa’s headshot box will help me stay alive between shield movements.

Edit: The healing ring that is such a good addition to playing Lucio getting that lined up with a shield and shooting around a rein is amazing.


Now that I’ve played all four heroes in the regular PVE event mode, I’ve taken to playing in the All characters mode, and just trying to use the most absurd team comp I can. It’s silly fun.


I finally played again after many moons. That new PvE is super fun.


One of my favorites so far is when we won, using a Geni(in blackwatch skin), Mcree(blackwatch skin), Reaper(in Preorder blackwatch skin) and a Soldier76(with Strike Commander Morrison skin). It should not have worked, but it did, albeit partially because we organized to have “Group up with me” from 76 mean “I’m dropping a heal, get over here if you need it.”


"The size of Orisa’s head hitbox has been decreased by 15%"


I keep trying to win expert on the event, but we keep failing usually due to lack of focus fire. And I’m really crap at calling because I can’t make words with mouth parts.


It’s impossible, nobody respects the Bastion. Once someone rounds the last corner, it’s going to be a chain of KO’s and 12 minutes wasted.


Expert and up is where you need some team coordination, hard right kill the Bastion then mop up the rest of the bots then draw out the 2nd Orissa. Then go around back and left to kill the last Bastion. Finish up the rest of the Orissas making sure to deal with tank Bastions as they come out.

Haven’t won at Legendary yet.


The problem is definitely team coordination. Half the time, the Rein doesn’t use his big blue rectangle to keep us from being flattened by the bastion. He’s out charging and hammering somewhere else.


I missed the big bug in the new update:


Just played a round of Uprising (All Heroes) on easy as Junkrat. The other people were a Zenyatta and a Hanzo. We also had a reaper but the guy quit even before we captured the first point, which was kind of lame. We still won though. I definitely did the most damage though it isn’t really hard with Junkrat since it is area of effect and since the bots rush toward you, they often cluster up and a lot of their hitboxes are rather large it’s kind of easy to just blow them up. Thank god though they removed self-damage.


[quote=“ScoJoHarr, post:292, topic:291”]
I missed the big bug in the new update
[/quote]You know, I can see military vehicles continuing to use wheels. I mean, you’ve got your hover-truck, you catch a few rounds in one of your jet thingos, you’re not going anywhere. You damage a wheel, you can keep going, even if at a reduced speed.

But not in overwatch, roll your round rubbery shit outta here.



Let’s get some 6v6 on! I’ll logging in shortly.


I love playing this game PvE but I am in no way good enough to play against real people.


That’s the beauty of 6v6. You play with a bunch of friends/forumites, and game by game it rebalances among your group.


Thanks for letting me know. I’ll try to join in on the next session :slight_smile:


Awesome new D.Va skin! Except you have to play Heroes of the Storm… I hate MOBAs but apparently you can do this against AI with a friend and it still counts, and D.Va is my favorite so time to suck it up I guess!


Let’s all play one round together just to get this.


Okay, yeah. I need that Officer D.Va skin.