I had one QP match against an Orisa who was actually using her alt fire properly. That player was all right.


Orisa Alt-fire is amazing when communicating with a Rein. Coordinate with his ult against another rein holding a shield, Alt-fire to pull him off the ground, your rein pounds and clean up the downed enemies.


Finally finished my placements. Went 5-5, all soloqueue, but somehow placed into low Platinum. I’ll take it.


Just did my first placement match Had a close 2-3 loss on Route 66 and Wow even without voice chat competitive is more toxic than normal I had to report 2 people in just that match.


Very important PSA…



I was thinking junkrat’s shots could fall down them gaps last time I was attacking at that point but I wasn’t expecting this. I wonder if it can happen with the Teleporter as well.


I just realized that the most likely reason Overwatch has been full of salty children recently is because most of the US does spring break between mid March and mid April. Every solo game I’ve been in has been mostly micless / children for over a week.


I completed my Competitive placement matches now. 1-1-8 was my win ratio and I was surprised to get a high bronze (1240) from that. Hopefully I can get myself up to silver quickly.


I’ve worked my way up to mid gold with my usual group. Been climbing fairly consistently, despite occasionally being put into matchmaking with opposing diamonds. I’m fine with that, as long as we win ^^

Also been playing noob only widow customs, to work on aim. Conclusion? I am a great widow compared to noobs, and a terrible one compared to anyone with widow in their top 5 (who still joined the game bc they weren’t pros?? Thanks guys, glad to be your target practice /s). I was to set up a Zenyatta or Mei HS only game…


Playing actual matches with all bronze people I am seeing the angryest people in the world from. A lot of nill nill marches. But went down to 1030 and now got it back up to 1374 with some good matches. Outside of placement I am currently 6-1-2 in matches.


Weirdly your win ratio isn’t the only determining factor in placement. From what I understand there are other metrics like kill count, damage blocked, healing done, etc… basically seeing how well you actually know how to play.


I’m not seeing particularly more salt/abuse (even taking into account how much less default abuse I get by presenting male). But I AM seeing a lot of terrible, terrible players.


I’m pretty sure that your exsisting SR also matters in placement, ether from last season competitive, or your hidden SR that quickplay uses.


They’ve claimed that they weight more towards damage/healing/objective time based on what hero and role you’re playing, so wins are worth more if you’re playing your role “right.” They’ve also said explicitly that placement matches and outcomes are based on the hidden SR you already have.


I just got the game so I didn’t have anything from the previous competitive seasons. I also realised why I was having such a good time in competitive - I had turned off voice chat (While playing with people in a discord call) so I couldn’t hear anyone swearing into the microphone at me.


The next Seasonal Event is Starting:


Ooooohhhhh, another PVE gig? I’m down.

Though, I feel that maybe Atlas News should be taking a long look, and asking a few hard questions as to why Strike Commander Morrison sent known anti-robot racist Torbjörn Lindholm on said strike team.

Also, attn @Rym


Also, the Lucio changes on PTR came through! I’m excited to see how the meta shifts.


I basically haven’t played since the winter Wonderland event. Can anybody catch me up on what has been changed other than the addition of Orisa and Junkrat no longer being able to blow himself up?


D. Va got made a bit easier to kill but now her defense matrix can stop bullets immediately (so Roadhogs can’t kill people through it), Zarya’s energy charges slower, Mercy’s ult gives her invuln, and Bastion takes less damage in turret mode but has less range.