Now that Donald Trump has Won


Can’t be trusted to run a charity, but sure, let him run the most powerful country on earth.


Sadly millions of dumbasses and various people of low moral fiber voted for him, which is why we’re stuck with him, though hopefully for not too much longer.


Unless something truly crazy happens, I think we’re stuck with Trump at least until 2020. Hopefully by that point, enough of the country will have come to its senses, the Democrats will have nominated a candidate that can beat him, and the US is able to fend off more Russian cyberattacks.

Otherwise, we’re stuck with Trump until 2024…



Well, it looks like one of the people keeping us from bombing the crap out of people who insult Trump’s haircut is gone now:


Fifteen characters of fuck.


The responses are legendary.


Two things:

The fact that it is impossible to tell if DHS’s grammatical shenanigans are a result of incompetence, laziness, posting a Google translate from your Russian handlers, or poorly disguised Nazi bullshit IS THE ACTUAL PROBLEM. The regime is simultaneously so corrupt, and so shockingly stupid and bad at hiding crime, AND so fascist/racist that I’m not certain we didn’t side into an alternate reality.

Point two:

For the GOP, for their supporters, for anyone associated with them or advances their agenda:

The cruelty is the point.

Don’t forget that, and everything they do makes sense.



More and more, I’m starting to think that one of the reasons Trump won is that America has literally started to turn into an Idiocracy, just like in the movie.

Someone happened to be talking to me about potential presidential candidates for 2020 and asked what I thought about Oprah of all people and what her chances against Trump would be. I said several times that while I think Oprah is a smart woman and smart businesswoman (and certainly vastly better at business than Trump), she was not qualified to be president due to lacking the necessarily experience I felt the job needed. Yet this person still insisted on asking “just what was wrong with Oprah for president.”

That’s the kind of stupidity we’re dealing with here. We’re dealing with people who will vote purely based on celebrity status without even thinking if said person is qualified for the job. They just don’t get the importance of the job and what kind of qualifications a person needs to actually be competent at the job. We’re literally just shy of the point where people are thinking someone like Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho is a valid presidential candidate.

FWIW, at least the fictional Camacho seems to have his heart in the right place from what I’ve heard (I haven’t seen the movie), unlike Trump.

The thing is, a lot of the Trump supporters really don’t seem to pay much attention to where he stands on the issues and just vote for him because “he’s like, famous, or something.” When naming potentially other qualified candidates, they have no idea who you’re talking about unless it’s someone Trump himself has personally called out, and then of course they don’t like them because Mr. Famous Trump doesn’t like them.


Too many of us cannot (or choose not to) differentiate between facts, opinions, and lies. We can’t all live the dream and be troubled with making informed and responsible decisions. Ignorance is bliss.


Name recognition is second only to tribalistic party affiliation for reasons to vote for a candidate among most people. I’ll even admit at first I was skeptical of Obama because who the fuck is Barack Obama? (I was also much younger and less informed). If Oprah ran on a democratic ticket and said the right Democratic things she’d get elected, I have zero doubt of that.


And to be fair, Oprah, while being as unqualified for the position as Trump based on previous experience, probably would do a better job because, much like the fictional President Camacho:

  1. Her heart probably would be in the right place with regards to issues
  2. She would probably appoint competent, knowledgeable advisors to her cabinet, instead of suck-ups, relatives, and other “spoils system” sorts. And she would listen to them.

I’m assuming #2 based on her business success starting from poverty and without multiple bankruptcies, as opposed to the dotard, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and still went bankrupt multiple times. I don’t think you can be as successful as she is in business without knowing when to turn to good advisors for help, even if you’re the one making the absolute final decisions (and props to her for being smart enough to apparently make the correct ones).

If it was Trump vs. Oprah, yeah, I’d hold my nose and vote for Oprah in a heartbeat. Then again, if it was Trump vs. my dog, I’d also vote for my dog (who has a joke Facebook Presidential Campaign page). But ignoring the “any decent breathing entity over Trump” feelings, yeah, Oprah would easily be preferable.


There’s no rule that says a dog can’t be president.


Well, there is the rule that says you need to be at least 35 years old. In that case, the question is whether dog years count.


Are dogs who were born in the US considered “natural born citizens?” Or do dogs not share citizenship rights?


I think that’s a constitutional question that needs to be addressed by the Supreme Court. :slight_smile:


Idiocracy says that America’s fault is specifically that people are stupid and caused everyone’s downfall, not politicians or corporations. Sorry To Bother You is a much better examination of America’s capitalism/apathy/oppression.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Democrats were to go in that direction but I see a similar repeat of Obama possibly with Beto O’Rourke. They might want to pick someone Republicans would have a hard time trying to hate over.


Idiocracy is of course an over-simplification, but there are a lot of stupid people in America and they vote for stupid reasons. Add that to the problems you mentioned in Sorry To Bother You and, well, you have just a wonderful melange of bad stuff bringing the entire country down.


This could have just as easily gone into the “Fail of your Day” thread, but apparently Paul Manafort’s lawyers screwed up in redacting some legal documents they filed and the “redacted” parts show that he met with Russian agents in Spain to discuss the Ukraine and share Trump polling numbers: