Now that Donald Trump has Won


I’m hesitant to call it a professional opinion, since I’m not confident I know all the relevant details, so let’s just say in my regular-ass opinion, JJS should have stuck to the company line, denied all knowledge, and told him to take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

Your assessment of negotiating being on or off the record is also a good idea, but assuming JJS either has some expertise in or has been coached in basic source protection, he keeps his mouth shut no matter how off the record it appears to be - Clark Kent might be an upstanding, moral, and honorable individual, but when it comes to protecting sources, you don’t trust anyone that you don’t absolutely have to, no matter how upstanding they are. It’s not like there’s a rule that says you gotta give yourself up if someone asks - for all JJS knows, Mr Kent has been ringing around every office on the hill hoping to catch people off guard. You don’t know what he’s got on you, or doesn’t, so you don’t say shit.

If you are an anonymous source, you keep your fucking mouth shut. You don’t tell anyone you don’t absolutely have to, you don’t tell your parents, your friends, your workmates, your priest, your favorite sex worker, your bartender, nobody. If you’re telling anyone, what’s the goddamned point of being anonymous?







So yeah, Trump apparently didn’t want Braille signs installed in the Trump Tower elevators. Here’s the original article by the former head of construction for the Trump Organization:

Apparently the shit that people are supposedly doing in the admin as described in Fear and the NYT op-ed is old hat for how he does business.


And the plot thickens…


yay rhode island. that man gets my vote every time.



This is the one billionth way in which Donald Trump has committed an impeachable Obstruction of Justice act by releasing documents part of an on-going investigation that likely would’ve been released eventually anyways but are still being dealt with by law enforcement due to the investigation against him. That investigation has not stalled or wasted time, it has gotten guilty pleas from many of his staff and people close to him, and yet he is going to say that the investigation is illegitimate and that this somehow proves out.

Republicans will do nothing, and we will all move on.


Trump’s precious wall has been breached 13 times.


Shit like this can’t be legal. The whole point of the appropriations process is that the money is supposed to go towards what it was appropriated for, not so it can be slushed around so Donald can have his internment camps.


Remember kids, the GOP argument is that Kavanaugh may have assaulted a teenage girl, but because he was a teenager, that makes it okay.

Not that if he did it, it was wrong and should disqualify him.

They’re all monsters.


Life according to the GOP: “What man hasn’t committed sexual assault in his youth?”

:face_vomiting: :rage:


Admittedly, even I was thinking “well, he was a minor at the time…” at first, but then I paused and reconsidered due to the severity of the actual crime. This wasn’t a case of underage vandalism or petty theft. This was serious crime, second perhaps only to murder in its seriousness, and it should be treated as such. The irony that the GOP is often in favor of adult penalties for minors who commit serious crimes isn’t lost on me in this case.

All of us who haven’t, raise our hands. :raised_hand:

Even going back to my initial “he was a minor” thoughts, I thought back to when I was 17 (which is barely a minor) and I knew better than to do shit like that. He, and the rest of the GOP, have no excuse.



Shit’s going down. This is a developing story.

Pay attention.


From what I can see, it’s Trump, et al trying to spin it as “he’s going to resign” so they can replace him, and Rod basically flailing and screaming “No I’m fucking not, you prick!” so that they (maybe?) can’t.


My understanding is that the White House leaked the story about Rosenstein supposedly conspiring against Trump last year, the NY Times ran with it, and that was what the White House was going to use as their ammo against Rosenstein. They wanted him to resign because they have complete power to replace him if he resigns. If he’s fired, that’s a different matter (although the White House will likely try to push it anyways). So him refusing to resign is pretty much him attempting to protect Mueller as long as possible. He knows that if he’s fired, the Democrats could possibly stall an appointment over legal issues. And with midterms coming up, another flagrant breaking of the law could galvanize Democrat voters even more.