Now that Donald Trump has Won


It would be interesting if Flynn had dirt on Jared, Ivanka, or Don Jr as well as Trump and/or Pence.


Choo choo! …


Apparently Flynn is testifying that Kushner was the one who told him to coordinate communications with Russia directly. One domino falls after the other until someone gets to testify about the big guy.

Granted, Congress can unfortunately always choose not to impeach. But more and more, we have reason to raise some hell.


The Wire: White House Edition

“Is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy?! The fuck is you thinking, man?” —Stringer Bell





This entire article is a bag of “holy fuck!”


Can we get some of that political action we were promised a year ago by Rym?


Apparently only 48% of voting Alabamas would prefer a guy stalking teenagers at the mall, who would like to eliminate the right to vote for women and black people, and who has been kicked from the state supreme court twice because he was ignoring the decisions of a superior court. Still, a huge win for Doug Jones and the Democrats.

Edit: Still, the reports of voter suppression tactics in Alabama are insane and make America look like absolutely awful. Predominantly black precincts had waiting times of three hours and more where white precincts had none. Cops showed up to check voters for outstanding warrants inblack precincts. And now there is of course talk about the despicable GOP tactic of requiring IDs to vote and then closing down DMVs and other places where you can get a state-issued idea in black neighborhoods.

Edit 2: And now Mitch fucking McConnell is talking about refusing to seat Jones for a month for “reasons”, the actual reason of course being that the Republicans are trying to get a vote for their horrendous tax bill through in between.


How can he legally keep Jones from being seated? What mechanism is there? Simply refusing to hold a swearing in?


As far as I can tell, it’s because Jones’ win needs to be certified by Alabama election officials before he can be sworn in to the Senate.

This was known before the election. It isn’t something McConnell pulled out of nowhere.


Oh of course there was going to be a delay for certification @chaosof99 made it sound like an asspull in the vein of refusing to hold Supreme Court nomination hearings at the end of Obama’s presidency.


Sorry, did not mean to make it sound that way.

In similar news however the Democrats are trying to get the vote on the tax bill delayed until Jones is seated.


So there’s a WaPo article making the rounds about Trump erasing the words “fetus” “transgender” and "diversity: from the CDC’s lexicon but the scary part of the article is this one sentence that they just kinda say and move on from.

“Instead of “science-based” or ­“evidence-based,” the suggested phrase is “CDC bases its recommendations on science in consideration with community standards and wishes,””

I guess part of his war on Islam is getting rid of their scientific method. Next we’ll have to start using Roman Numerals again instead of Arabic.


Well, the Republicans passed their absolutely heinous tax bill. America will be pretty fucked for a generation for it. I just hope the Blue Wave does come in 2018 and can reverse most of this. Fuck these people with a rusty shovel.


It’s least dialed back some from their original proposals.


And also is significantly different enough that it has to re-pass the other house again.


I thought that was just procedural. The house and senate have to pass the same bill.


Yeah, literally any text change is “significant” enough to warrant a re-vote. The actual changes weren’t huge – they killed a provision that would have let parents use (tax-deductible) 529 savings plans to pay for private and home schooling, and one that would have exempted precisely one college from taxes on its endowment.


I view my current state as New York’s little brother.

Good on ya little guy.


My state (Massachusetts) hasn’t gone as far as NY and CT with regards to net neutrality, but it is one of the states suing the FCC over their decision to end net neutrality.