Now that Donald Trump has Won


This includes visa holders, legal permanent residents, and naturalized citizens. It also includes anyone who ever talks to an immigrant. So basically, me and my family (who are all either naturalized citizens or native born children of naturalized citizens at this point) are directly affected by this.

Not that I wasn’t already against virtually everything this administration was trying to do already, but this makes it even more personal.

My mother was even comparing it to the government of Antonio de Oliveira Salazar, who she grew up under, at this point.


(white supremacy)


Yeah, I know that. It’s just that there isn’t even the slightest logical justification to hide behind. All of it is bluster and bullshit. “I disagree because reasons! I’m offended because reasons!” But I guess that’s all that conservative politics are in 2017.


I got in a heated argument with a woman in my paralegal class when she wrote “look up 4 U.S. Code § 8” on the board before class, which is the section of US code with recommended respect procedures regarding the flag and national anthem. I really pressed her, why this was inappropriate, and all she could muster was “something something flag is a symbol something something veterans.” Thinking on it now I think my professor saw that exchange and it was part of why she told me later that day I should go to law school.


What’s the penal code got to say about 4 U.S. Code § 8 violations? I’m guessing it’s silent?


That same code also says things like “you shall not use the flag as an article of clothing, in advertising, etc.,” stuff that the people who complain the most about the kneeling seem to do all the time.


Not a damn thing. Also all of the language says “should” not “shall” or “will” or “must.” As for the other bits like clothing or decorations when confronted with that she said “Well that’s different it not an actual flag” hypocrite that she is.


I like how the bit about not using the flag for advertising etc. seems to have been amended specifically to remove typical flag destroying things people do at protests but left the rest in.



Trump is on another golf trip while american citizens in Puerto Rico die. That however hasn’t stopped him from using twitter to call out the mayor of San Juan, who has literally begged for help, for “poor leadership” and telling his followers that “they want everything to be done for them”.


Went pumpkin and apple picking today. Apparently there was a Trump rally being held there.

Pumpkin Trump assures you to not believe the picture, there were thousands there.


But where were the apples?



They did, it’s called the electoral college.


Lotta good that did us


I mean in a sense, it’s working. They overruled the will of the people to put in their candidate.



Man…What is 2017?


I always though eminem was blonde, like really really blonde. I didn’t recognize him at first.


No he just had late 90s bleach blond spikes forever.