Now that Donald Trump has Won


Trump possibly getting a Katrina-type situation without hiring anyone to be in charge of FEMA is a fucking atrocity. But didn’t Mueller move things along with his grand jury?


My theory is that Trump literally couldn’t stand seeing a name in the news being talked about more than his, even if that name belongs to a hurricane, so he made sure everyone is still talking about him.

And sweet Jebus, I honestly can’t tell if im making a joke or not. That’s the reality we live in now.


I think the only reason it seems slightly better than Katrina is because no expected the Federal Government to be any help this time around.



So, it turns out that Russian cyberattacks on the election might have been not only more widespread, but more impactful than previously thought.

Money quote:

Ms. Greenhalgh will be watching closely. “What people focus on is, ‘Did someone mess with the vote totals?’” she said. “What they don’t realize is that messing with the e-poll books to keep people from voting is just as effective.’”

Also adding - especially when we’re pretty sure they also made a serious effort to grab very detailed voter demographic data, which we were previously a little baffled about, at least as to why they seemed to want it so badly. This would explain that pretty perfectly, as it would allow extremely precise targeting of this form of attack.


Clinton’s new book is coming out and the interviews and such I’ve read, kinda make me want to read it. However the headlines on articles about some of the stuff said are crazy in their attempt to agitate the left. Haven’t just listened to her interview on Pod save America, it’s really sad that we could not have her as our President, she would have been hella good at it.


From the quotes I have seen floating around the internet a better ghostwriter and a stronger editor should have been hired.


My school is having a “Constitution Day” on Thursday with the focal topic being Free Speech. One of the discussions lead will be “Free Speech in Historical Context” and I’m really tempted to go just to dismantle the notion that we have ever practiced Free Speech in this nation.


I will be cheering for you! Go forth and CONQUER


My dude, they flipped out and started attacking a well-reviewed Broadway play about people struggling and finding hope after 9/11, just because she said she liked it and encouraged people to go see it. They literally got enraged by an uplifting musical about people trying to work together and find hope in one of the most trying times for America since it’s founding just because Clinton said she liked it. Let’s face it, any headline that isn’t trashing her is by default enraging to parts of the left, they didn’t need to really try, which makes it all the more depressing that they did for the clicks.

I’m certainly considering it, though I’m usually not one for memoirs. Reviews from people I trust to treat it even-handedly are saying it’s surprisingly intimate and vulnerable, and spends a lot of time basically straight-dealing on all the things she’s had to dance around lately for fear of losing support, since she’s now double-underline done with the arseholes. Suffice to say, the headlines have been greatly exaggerated, as are the reactions from people damning it based on two-and-a-quarter pages out of 512.




Mueller is going to indict Manafort and it has been revealed that Manafort has been wiretapped under FISA before and after the campaign. That guy is fucked.


On top of that, it appears he’s enlisted the NY state prosecutor, meaning that he’s effectively cutting off Trump’s ability to Pardon him. Either he’s creating leverage, or they want to be really, really sure he goes down and stays down.


Oh shit son I hope this is just the beginning.



NBA players push back against Trump. I’m happy I don’t watch the NFL that actively encourages shitty politics.


Just… wow!


Yeah, I amen’d at this.


I guess I put this here because I really need to get rid of this some place:

I really have no clue why all these people are so upset over athletes taking a knee in protest. People claim it is disrespecting the flag and I have no clue how anyone with a sane mind could come to that conclusion. Taking a knee is in no way an offensive gesture. In fact, kneeling on one or both knees has been a longstanding gesture of subservience and reverence.

The charge that the athletes were “protesting the flag” is also nonsensical. It’s like claiming the Greensboro lunch counter sit-in was a protest against lunch.

I’ve now seen morons burning their season tickets and other idiots commending them “for taking a stance”, while condemning the athletes for essentially doing the same thing with their means.