Now that Donald Trump has Won



Is Trump the first leader of a global superpower to set up a propaganda system aimed only at himself?


Lol, he gets fatigued in the afternoon and needs a pick me up.


I keep pointing this out:

North Korea called Trump crazy.



Anyone found the pw to Trump’s twitter yet?


Can I take a guess with money$123


Careful, last guy to guess a president’s twitter password found himself in jail.



Bannon’s gotten the boot


I’ll take way too little way too late for 200, Alex.


A month or two ago I would have been elated by the news, now it just rings hollow. At least we can hope for a smear interview.


The first letter of each paragraph…



Question is: Did Trump actually see the light and what a horrible shitbag Bannon is (highly dubiously) or is Trump just fed up with being a complete laughing stock and lashing out, firing whomever he thinks brings about most change (and of course Trump not realizing that a lot of it is on himself)? Third option is of course just political posturing.


This happened:

The rumors have been that McMaster and Kelly have been pushing to fire Bannon on the basis that he was likely responsible for a bunch of leaks, and then last night he called up a journalist, didn’t ask to be off the record, and contradicted Trump’s public posture on North Korea by saying that military intervention is a non-option. This is the kind of thing that makes Trump furious, because he thinks it makes him look weak (see also the transcripts of his Mexico/Australia calls).

So Bannon is getting fired because he told a journalist we wouldn’t go to war with North Korea.


Aka, he got fired for the one good thing he did.


This is the second time that Bannon has left Trump’s council. I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes a revolving door for him.

Also, he’s in charge of Breitbart again. Blech.



The Secret Service is out of money because of Trump’s frequent travel, numerous homes, and large family.


Well, Trump has now officially declared that he is okay with people shitting on the constitution if he agrees with them politically, and has pardoned Joe Apraio.

Also that Nazi-fuck Gorka has resigned. And Trump signed the directive banning Transgender Troops.

Must be nice to use a fucking hurricane to cover your ass politically.