Now that Donald Trump has Won


McConnell felt obligated by a combination of factors (pride, campaign promises, Trump) to pass at least some health care bill that appeared on some level to repeal the ACA, regardless of whether or not the bill was good. Thanks to the fact that Republicans have never had a coherent idea of what health care in the US should look like (besides “make corporations money”), the bill was awful, so they wanted to pass it in a way that would give opponents as little time as possible to make remarks that could produce soundbites about what dicks Republicans were being, and with as little public input as possible, since that would invariably point out that the bill was awful.

It was far more important to the Republicans to have the political symbol of repealing the ACA than to have the well-being of literally any number of Americans. That’s what’s wrong with these people.


Trump just fired Priebus as White House chief of staff, of course announcing it via twitter.



Or Democracy in general.


Aaaaaaaaaand the Mooch is out. 10 days! NEW LAP RECORD!


lol, really?

Well he had a good run. Astonishing turnaround time. No chaos at all says Mr. Cheese


Dude missed his child’s birth and got divorced to get this job.


Those seem like required qualifications in order to work for Trump.


Scaramucci lost his job and he lost his wife
Them things don’t seem to matter much to him now
Tonight he’ll be on that hill, cause he can’t stop.
He’ll be on that hill with everything that he’s got
Lives on the line dreams are found and lost
He was there on time and he paid the cost
For wanting things that can only be found…


Something tells me that the Mooch’s marriage was already on the rocks before the job.



This is no less of a deeply troubling and legally questionable thing than anything else Trump has done. I doubt this is the smoking gun. Just another ridiculous bit of nonsense.


I think on twitter today I saw, like very brief while doing work and just glancing at twitter while waiting for computer things:

The trump presidency but every time someone is fired it gets faster.

Like I read that and then liked checked the logs of the thing I was doing then abruptly started laughing uncontrollably. The other person there with me asked if I was ok. Something is just so appropriate there. Hours later I’ve got the giggles.


This is how a case gets built: one brick of evidence at a time, and all the pieces matter.


Remember that GOP Amendment trying to Hijack the Dems request for more information on the Comey firing?

Turns out, it was crowdsourced from the Donald Trump subreddit.




While we all know that the Seth Rich conspiracy was a bunch of nonsense that only the dumbest of internet-sewer-dwellers would believe, I’m delighted to see legal action coming for these lying monsters.


Oh, brother…