Now that Donald Trump has Won


Every Senator confirmed to the Cabinet is one less Republican Senator in the Senate. It could also open up a special election that the Democrats could win. Right now that could cost the majority in the Senate.
It makes thing harder for the GOP in the Senate, which they won’t appreciate.

Trump could go oustside the Senate, but everyone he seems to know has that air of: “Are you fucking serious?!”

“Hi, I am Ivan Notrussian. I am Comrade… Er… President Trump’s new AG nominee.”


I still don’t think it would be as hard as you’re making it out to be. And not that this really means anything, but according to Wikipedia, 168 members of the House, and 57 Senators listed “law” as their occupational background. Unfortunately, it doesn’t break them down by party.


Spicer gone. I like this take on it:

Nobody has been more slavishly loyal to Trump than Attorney General Jeff Sessions, one of his earliest supporters in the Senate; now Trump is publicly savaging him. Trump is likewise disparaging Rod J. Rosenstein, the man he appointed to be the No. 2 at the Justice Department, as well as the special counsel that Rosenstein appointed. Trump has publicly contradicted Secretary of State Rex Tillerson twice (on Qatar and Russia sanctions) and has denied Tillerson even the dignity of staffing his own agency. Trump accepted Chris Christie’s over-the-top support during the campaign then cast him aside.

He demands loyalty but offers little. Bodies, meritorious and otherwise, pile up: James Comey, Preet Bharara, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Corey Lewandowski, Carter Page, Mike Dubke, Monica Crowley, Mark Corallo, Marc Kasowitz and, now, Spicer.



That’s…not a good leak. Unless Kislyak was reporting back just over regular phones or unencrypted email, that tells pretty much everybody(and specifically, the Russians) what comms the US can intercept, and are actively intercepting.

On top of that, considering that it’s coming from sources both official and unofficial, what’s the over under that the current serving officials leaked first, and they went to ex-officials to confirm? Because if so, there’s a strong possibility that it’s a directed leak, which means that the administration is actively sabotaging the AG to build a better case for his removal and replacement.



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And now something brief from the other side of the aisle

Democrats politely applaud McCain, a long-time co-worker, coming back from illness

Rosetwitter: “Those fucking democrats, how dare they applaud this monster! How dare Schumer hug him, he’s obviously just some fucking liberal, he must be a monster too.”

Bernie hugs McCain, tells him “welcome back”, and it goes on so long it turns into an awkward happy dance

Rosetwitter: “Yeah, those fucking democrats, Bernie the only true left-winger should have won, this would never happen if he’d have won.”



Yeah, that’s correct. McCain killed a shitload of people. He was a soldier, he did his job. If that job is morally acceptable or not is certainly up for discussion, but it’s not a revelation that he killed people in a war.

And if the best you can come up with to criticize him is “Oh, he killed people when he was a soldier”, then maybe take a look at his record, where you’ll find much more relevant and unambiguous things to be angry at him about, than “Dude did his job as a soldier in a war.”

That said, I don’t fault the dems(or independents, or Bernie in his weird in-between position) for applauding McCain for coming back to work, regardless of what he did with that return. They’ve all worked together for years, and what do you expect them to do, boo and jeer at the guy fighting brain cancer just because they know he’s going to make a shitty decision? He’s an asshole who is all talk, no walk, but he’s still a person.


This will probably backfire.


Trump and Scaramucci’s constant berating of their own allies is hilarious and reminds me of when Sear’s CEO implemented Ayn Randian philosophy to business. That led to enormous in fighting where each department in the same store sabotaged each other to boost their own ratings while the entire store failed.


I’ve wondered if that kind of strategy writ large would work on him…


Very much worth a shot.


McCain rushed back from the hospital and flew to DC to keep the whole fucking country in suspense for a week in order to vote down the health care bill at the last possible moment.

So, at least tens of thousands fewer Americans will die from lack of health care in the next few years, but fuck that theatrical bullshit.


If he had stayed home, it would have either not passed without drama, or not be brought to a vote, correct?


  1. He really was undecided
  2. He really wanted to stick it to Trump
  3. He really hoped to not be the 50th vote

What else do we have?


Did I just read this right. Mitch McConnell instructed Mike Enzy (R-WY) to filibuster the entire debate time? And that is after they set only two hours of debate time for a bill they only unveiled an hour before and that they were immediately voting on afterward. What the fuck is wrong with these people?