Now that Donald Trump has Won


Trump’s lawyer has retained a lawyer.


About my point I raised a month ago: Right now the GOP is prepping a healthcare bill to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. It is probably going to strip coverage from billions of people, be inefficient and probably a handout to the rich. Why probably? Because the GOP is refusing to actually show the bill. Mitch McConnell would literally not answer whether Democrats would have at least 10 hours to review the bill and propose amendments before it would be voted on, using the meaningless phrase “there will be ample time” instead. There have yet to be any hearings on the bill.

Of course all of this is essentially what the GOP accused the Affordable Care Act to do, even though there were 160 or so hearings on it and about 60 GOP proposed amendments. Still the narrative was spun that the ACA was “written in secret” and had no republican input.

The question is: Is all of this just the party of hypocrisy in action, or did they deliberately spin this narrative about Obamacare so they could normalize their unconscionable, heinous, callous and spiteful behavior that was undoubtedly going to follow when they should return to power?


The icing on the cake will be that it will fuck up insurance for people receiving it through their employer. Because the GOP leadership is that cravenly stupid.

What you’ll end up with is a system where, even if you are able to buy into it,it will cover nothing.



From an activist in my network, Erik Branman

I posted this elsewhere, but … please read and forward if you like. It may give you hope.

Many people I know are having strong feelings about the GA-06 special election and Ossoff’s loss. What we are all feeling right now is incredibly real. It may range from anger, to disappointed resignation, to hurt, to frustration, to regret, to outright blame and I-told-you-so-ism.

Now some questions:

What if the fact that many of us are feeling these ways AT ALL were what’s important here?

Would I have paid any attention at all to a House special election in a deep red state in a deep red district two, four, six, or even 12 years ago?

Would literally thousands of Americans donate time, money, energy, and care to an off season election where the Democratic Party candidate were a 30 year-old filmmakers with no experience in elected office?

Would that candidate have spent months with voters in the district, holding town halls, meeting with thousands of potential constituents, even going so far as to go door-to-door and literally shake the hand of over 1/3 of registered voters?

Would Republicans run a candidate known for her losing elections, not winning, literally spend 2.5 times what the Dems did - in one of the most expensive House elections ever ($55 million :flushed:), even trotting out the ‘Nancy Pelosi and the San Francisco elite’ (aka the OMG POC AND WOMEN AND GAYS LIKE HIM!) to hold on to a seat they are going to have to defend again (Ossoff isn’t going to go away) in 2018?

No. No. No. No. And HELL no.

A quick story: I was chatting with another teacher yesterday. He was super upbeat about our chances. I was not. Then he told me how he and hundreds of others had gone down to GA-6 to canvass door to door and talk with voters. How he had been on the phone most of the day with an 85-year old who had never voted … and who was getting to the polls to vote for the first time for a Democrat.

Some of us are angry and dismissive of the results because we’re scared.

Some of us are demoralized because we are scared.

Some of us want the wins so badly because we are all scared.

We are scared for access to healthcare, for the safety and rights of POC, for women’s health, for education and the environment … we are scared for the future of our country.

But all of this action, all of this loving action and attention, all of this active INTENTION TO CREATE CHANGE … THAT is what leads to change.

Not to mention that off-cycle elections aren’t statically ‘leading indicators’ (signs of a future event). But rather ‘lagging indicators’ (signs of an event that’s already happened - and that a pattern is occurring).

We have had four off-cycle elections - Kansas, Montana, Georgia, and South Carolina. All in deep-red states. All in areas where Trump won, often by large margins. All in areas where Republican candidates generally win by double digit margins.

Every single one of these elections was won by the Republican candidate by 6 points or less after a great investment of time, financial resources, and effort.

And GA-06 was lost only by about 11,000 votes.

It will happen. The change is coming. Hell, the change is already here … We just haven’t seen yet exactly what the change is going to be.

Until then it’s avoid the news for a few days as those who need to gloat, gloat (I’m looking at you, Trump, Paul Ryan, and all you Bernie Bros) … we can let you go ahead and gloat all you like … and then we will fight like hell some more.

I love you. Hang in there. We have this … together, we have this. :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


So… related to the losses in G6, I have started a process today, a process that, in my state takes about a year. I’m switching parties. From independent (but basically always votes D) to Republican (but basically always votes D)

I’ve started hearing the suggestion that running as a lefty or even a moderate with an R next to their name is a good plan for perhaps moving the entire system left and so I’m going to begin being that change.

I’ve not deeply thought this through and all I’ve actually done is request the state send me the paper I need to fill out and file to begin the process. But I think it’s not the worst idea to be voting in republican primaries for the more left of the options while consistently voting D in the generals.


This is exactly what I do in New Hampshire. If you are a registered independent, you can choose which of the two primary ballots to take. (But then you have to re-register back to independent after casting the ballot to avoid being registered with the party of the ballot you took.) It allows me to vote with the primary that I feel will do the most good without having to ally myself with the Galactic Empire on paper.


CT is much worse for independents, we get to vote in 0 primaries. So the decision to join one of the two big ones was made. It’s only today I decided to ally with literal nazis on paper.



The NRA released a propaganda video in April that’s making rounds now. It subtly encourages NRA troglodytes to shoot protesters, teachers, “Hollywood” types, and liberals. It also insinuates that protests are a form of violence and that libs/teachers/media are responsible for spreading lies.

But please, maga-hat wearing jackwagons, do try and argue about how they’re about “responsible gun ownership”.


As a gun owner the NRA disgusts me. They are not about responsible gun ownership, they are about lining their pockets through fear mongering.


They are a gun manufacturing lobby organization. That is all. They may have been more at one time, but that was decades ago.



That was well written, informative and entertaining.


My brief, dubiously-accurate timeline of the Trump-CNN wrestling video incident:

  • A redditor posts a gif of Trump beating up a guy with the CNN logo pasted over his face
  • Someone turns that gif into a video
  • Trump tweets it, of course
  • the redditor takes credit for the original post (“wake up and have my morning coffee and who retweets my s—post but the MAGA EMPORER himself!!!”)
  • CNN finds the redditor (turns out he’s 15), reaches out but doesn’t get a reply
  • redditor shits his pants, deletes his many racist and anti-semetic posts, and starts making apologies
  • redditor reaches out to CNN, asks them not to publish his identity if he stops shitposting
  • CNN publishes a story about the incident, including this quote:

CNN is not publishing [redditor’s] name because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showed his remorse by saying he has taken down all his offending posts, and because he said he is not going to repeat this ugly behavior on social media again. In addition, he said his statement could serve as an example to others not to do the same.

CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.

  • people accuse CNN of blackmailing a 15 year old
  • redditor gets on a very high horse

The highlight is probably him mentioning his gay, Jewish, and Muslim friends as proof he “loves and accepts people of all walks of life and have done so for his entire life”, despite his extensive reddit history of not accepting people.


I’m late to the party on this but I’m hearing a lot of: “He’s not actually 15, he’s middle aged.”


Oh god I hope so. This story is already so juicy but that would be amazing.



To be fair, CNN’s apparent threat of doxing him if he goes back to being a racist douchebag is kind of douchebaggy in and of itself. Then again, apparently the actual story was that CNN had made no agreement as to whether or not to publish his name and for some reason used this threatening-sounding statement to make that point. So people are blowing it out as a threat when in all likelihood it was just some legal CYA thing they put in there should they decide to publish his name later for any reason.


CNN is not blackmailing anyone. It is borderline doxxing which is definitely not okay. However, people also need to be aware that even if you are hiding behind your internet anonymity, it is a flimsy shield to allow you to be a horrible human being. Maybe they shouldn’t be such a terrible waste of oxygen and do something better with their lives. The irony of course is that those that scream most about this potential doxxing are those that gladly used those tactics in the past.

Edit: Oh yeah, and let’s not forget the Trump/Korbach “Election Commission” which was trying to get all sorts of protected private data from voters around the U.S. which seemed more like a thinly veiled attempt at stripping anonymity from voters, which is all sorts of fucked up.


The whole election commission seems to be a giant scam to get the names, dates of birth, and SSN of the voting public.

Interesting approach, stealing everyone’s identity all at once.