Now that Donald Trump has Won



While we’re at it, here’s the top rated kindle book on amazon right now.


Chuck Tingle is really good at that. I think he had Domald Tromp Pounded In The Butt By His Fabricated Wiretapping Scandal Made Up To Redirect Focus Away From His Seemingly Endless Unethical Connections To Russia out the same day.


Trump has lost two major players in his advisory board following his disaster in Paris yesterday.


Maybe Musk will finally stop contributing to Republican campaigns. They will never back his ideas and industries.


Nah, Musk’s anti-worker tendencies will keep him forever Republican.


One hopes that some could perhaps be of one party with tendencies from the other party.

I offer myself as an example, I break with most democrats on the subject of big game hunting*. I still maintain that I am a liberal who just happens to disagree with most liberals on one thing.

*When done properly, I can go into what properly means if you’d like.


[quote=“Ikatono, post:649, topic:125, full:true”]
Nah, Musk’s anti-worker tendencies will keep him forever Republican.
[/quote]Yeah, it’s a lot of people on the left holding him up like some sort of hero, but people tend to forget the gross disregard for worker safety at Tesla, and that they do things like fire women engineers that make sexual harassment complaints, with one describing it as a “culture of Pervasive harrassment”.


I’ve been struggling with the concept of free speech lately, you can see some of my personal struggle by scrolling up in this very thread. This wonderful person (not sure what pronoun they prefer) did a thing that helped insofar as it plainly and clearly states both that and why no neutral position exists on free speech, and that everyone takes a side. I see now that I was trying to square a circle by being both for free speech for hateful people and free speech for oppressed people at the same time.

This may not be news to this ivory tower but it was to me, and I felt I should share.

(there’s also a thing about how that this video I’m linking is actually a rehost because the original was false flagged as spam)


that’s a pretty great video. the chinese interludes especially.


Contrapoints is fantastic and wonderfully entertaining. Glad we’ve had a rise in Youtube like her’s considering the rise of conspiracy faux-liberal nutjobs.


After finding the video I linked I kinda abandoned doing work for the rest of the day and just watched a bunch of her videos. I came across the video you linked along with whole mess of others and I have to say:

I really admire that he takes the time to watch/read all the hateful, bullying, and white supremacist, garbage in order to fairly represent them as she rips them apart point by point with lovely alcohol infused interludes. I really dig it.

I’m very glad to have found him.




Oh, wow.


Tempted to use the argument: “If a Democrat is not human, they don’t need to follow your human laws.”

See how long it takes him to connect the dots.


Twitter will live stream Comey’s testimony tomorrow morning at 9:30am (Eastern).

EDIT: Here is where to watch it.


Here is a YT link for the Comey stuff.


It’s lawsuit time!


I wouldn’t be surprised if New York gets in on this as well.