Now that Donald Trump has Won


This is just incredible:

"Netanyahu calls out, “Intelligence cooperation is terrific!”

Then Trump offers up his own off-script pronouncement. “Just so you understand,” he says, quieting the press, “just so you understand — I never mentioned the word or the name Israel in conversation. Never mentioned it.” As he’s talking, a clearly horrified Netanyahu’s eyes dart everywhere.

“They are all saying I did,” Trump continues, unaware. “Never mentioned the word Israel.”

But actually no one had said Trump used the word “Israel.” The reports only said that during a visit in the Oval Office, Trump had casually discussed highly classified intelligence with the Russians that, it turns out, had been from Israel — and thus shouldn’t have been disclosed to the Russians without getting Israel’s permission first.

And no one in either administration — Israel’s or the United States’ — had officially confirmed the intelligence was in fact from Israel.

That is, until Trump seems to have done so just now."

Just incredible. I’ve not watched the video, as I try to avoid any unfiltered input from Trump’s mouth and body. But seriously… incredible.


I keep saying, House of Cards is in real trouble now that actual American politics is so utterly amazingly fucked that no plot point in that show is even remotely shocking or outrageous.


And on a smaller scale, Veep.


Not only that, but Trump has done out of sheer incompetence and bombast what Underwood could only do with Machiavellian machinations and years of manipulation of the system. I mean, come on Frank, it’s not that hard.


A sinkhole opened up on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Twitter had a good laugh about it.


I am imagining a crudely painted sign with bad spelling and backwards letters that says “Hawt wominz and Russian $$$ in heer” with an arrow pointing down in the hole, like a Bugs Bunny cartoon trap.


Well this doesn’t bode well.

Seems that Trump isn’t the only one with loose lips when it comes to intelligence briefings.


So, Montana republican candidate Greg Gianforte just body-slammed and possibly punched a reporter from The Guardian. Multiple witnesses, including a Fox News TV crew(who surprisingly aren’t trying to spin it, at least at the time of this post) and a Buzzfeed news reporter. Campaign released a statement saying the reporter grabbed Candidate Gianforte first, Witnesses have disputed this, and guardian pretty much immediately released the audio that indicates otherwise.


I would not discount the possibility of him still winning the race.

There was an exceptionally good tweet I saw recently: When the fascists come they’ll be screaming “NERDS!”.


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[quote=“Raithnor, post:612, topic:125”]
I would not discount the possibility of him still winning the race.
[/quote]Are you kidding? The Sherrif’s department wasn’t even considering charges. Still might not. Surprise Surprise, the Sheriff is a big donor to his campaign.

Oh, and it also turns out Gianforte not only has a history of donations to white nationalist groups, he’s also supported right-wing extremist groups.


Well the other problem is that Montana has absentee voting (considering how rural and remote most of Montana is. some 60% of the voters have already voted.


Lieberman has removed himself from consideration for FBI director.


Gianforte’s been charged with misdemeanor assault, for the record.


Comcast is threatening to sue Fight For the Future for running a pro-Net Neutrality website.


With the likelihood that Giaforte wins in Montana tonight and the GOP’s perfect willingness to accept him we seem to be in a world where Stillson would still have won his run for Senate despite using a baby as a human shield against Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone.


Even without the absentee voting in Montana, if voters are okay with Republicans stripping 23 million people of healthcare and raising premiums on preexisting conditions, what makes anyone think that they would care about a single reporter being assaulted or even killed. These people, who are often voting against their own interests in one form or another, are willing to be a direct cause of millions of people suffering and/or dying in agony. They are torturers and murderers.


i mean, you could try and spin it that way but that’s not going to be an effective message to get change.

Montana has a Democratic Senator and Governor at the moment. Which should tell you that the DCC should be working to get candidates that better fits the region they are running in. The guy on the Democratic side was a newbie, had a strange background and was being backed largely by the Sanders wing of the party, in a state that requires for a Democrat to win to be gifted politically and be more in line with Montana ideologically (i.E. Moderate). The state did go for Trump by 20 points and at the same time elected a Democratic Governor.

Also important to note that the the Republican running did not take a position on the Healthcare law.


Also this.


Scott, I am aware of Montana’s situation. My statement wasn’t meant to convince anyone of anything - this forum is mostly preaching to the choir anyway. It wasn’t spin either, it was a statement on the moral compass of continued support for Republicans who back the AHCA in a more general sense. Thanks for explaining information of which I was already well aware, though, :wink:

Important to note that the Republican candidate (now Representative) in question body slammed a reporter over a direct question about the AHCA and has openly stated that he wants to repeal the ACA. Let’s guess why he might have done that.