Now that Donald Trump has Won


Another Breitbart alumnus, Gorka, is out of the White House.


Really? What would be a non disturbing form of racism?


I don’t disagree, but I just mean the level of look-you-in-the-eye racism coupled with his friendly attitude is what I find most disturbing. He’s the type of charismatic that makes people feel comfortable in expressing their already racist ideals if they exist.


While I can’t come up with any in practice (they probably don’t exist) I can get somewhat close…

I know women’s self defense classes often teach you to profile men as possible attack vectors.
So that’s a non disturbing form of sexism that pretty much completely endorse. From here, it’s not hard to imagine something similar for race. Once you bring this into the real world it completely falls apart though, and yeah, becomes disturbing.


What? I said “degrees”, as in more disturbing/less disturbing.


As long as this scale doesn’t begin in “0% disturbing” racism then that’s cool.


Yeah, when society stops telling women to “make sure he rapes the other girl,” we’ll stop evaluating all men as potential attackers. Totally sexist, but statistically supported. But you know what? STILL DISTURBING. I mean, maybe not for the reasons you would immediately think of when you hear “disturbing sexism,” but still. Same goes for racism.


I concede the point. Wasn’t married to it, just being academic. But yeah given a second thought, it’s still disturbing.


That is potentially sexism, not racism. Also, it is bias (not a sexist bias, just a bias), which as Nuri points out, is based upon a sexist foundation within our society - women must protect themselves from rape v. men must not rape.


I agree, this was a case of me not really thinking before I spoke. I genuinely am glad my err is being pointed out to me.






I really really really really really really really really want to punch that fucker in his fucking mouth.


Better off going for that foot. You know it’s weak.


Vote’s just completed. The GOP has gutted the ACA. Now they’re literally going to celebrate with a kegger.


Gotta pass the Senate, at least. Anyway: vote them all out.


What’s the play if your Senators and Congressperson are not evil in this instance? Other than contacting them to confirm support of their non-evil stances, I’m not sure who else I can reach out to in order to express displeasure and urge them to back off of this new plan.


Donate to campaigns in other districts where the race would be close.


I write thank you cards and/or emails. I already give to campaigns and am active in my party, so a personal thank you is a great option. It also helps to drown out the hate mail and let them know they are supported.