Now that Donald Trump has Won


We're three days away from Donald claiming he can control the weather. This is "admitted to Bellevue" level crazy.

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) March 4, 2017


@pattonoswalt Yep & he hinted at controlling weather post inauguration, "God looked down and he said, 'We’re not going to let it rain.."

— Erin McGathy (@ErinMcGathy) March 4, 2017


Trump’s replacement for The New Celebrity Apprentice, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is leaving the show. Let’s see how Trump and Ahnold react on Twitter:

EDIT: Also, there’s this:



Time to post some amazing degree of pettiness.

In the time that all this took place, someone else claimed the original name. It’s not in your best interest to look it up.


538 did something interesting - they applied Latent semantic analysis to Reddit, to see where else Reddit’s trump-supporting population falls in terms of other subreddits.

The entire thing is worth reading, but some interesting(and in hindsight, pretty obvious) takeaways:

The_Donald + Games = KotakuInAction(Gamergate sub), /r/gaming(The largest gaming sub, which is often pretty much reddit standard right-wing), and /r/cynicalbrit(The subreddit for gamergate favorite youtuber TotalBiscuit)

/r/conservative - /r/politics = Three catholic subreddits, one general christian subreddit, and one dedicated to AK47s.

The_Donald - Politics = /r/fatpeoplehate(now banned subreddit, what it says on the tin), TheRedPill(Reddit’s MRA community hub), the 4chan sub, and an explicitly racist sub.

Oh, and they also threw their code for the project up on Github, and pointed to where they got their raw data from(Google’s BigQuery)


Interesting new leak - Despite repeated denials from the Trump Administration that they requested military vehicles and equipment for the inauguration parade, emails have come out that they provided photos and descriptions, explicitly requesting both specific military vehicles for the parade(including tanks and missile launchers), as well as F-35 and F/A–18 flyovers.



I don’t usually like Perlstein’s takes on contemporary politics because they aren’t that incisive but this piece is good.


Hard to see the point for all the belly lint.
That is one priapism of a ferocious wink.
Call a doctor!

Snark aside, albeit deserved, I do think ego and insecurity in socially undervalued people is an issue in America, along with the inability to receive critique without absolute defensive denial. And the criticism is valid for most people that I’ve met, regardless of affiliation or status. But that doesn’t mean the solution boils down to Participation In Humanity empathy trophies for Repugnicants sorry not sorry. (Which, while not mentioned in this particular article, is the running theme in 150% of post-election think pieces. True facts.)

Don’t play strategy games with people who need everyone to acknowledge how smart they are. Even winning is torture.


The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Flynn’s asked the FBI for immunity in exchange for testimony.


Whats insane to me about all of these shady deals is how amazingly cheap it is to buy politicians. 5 figures usually and 6 at max. Like, I’d understand people selling their country out for 7 or 8 figures but it seems like they could be making a lot more just working doing normal shady nonsense and not fuck up the entire country shady nonsense.


I thought I understood what you were getting at in this paragraph but the more I look at it the less sure I get. Your belabored metaphor aside, I don’t think I get your meaning and I don’t want to attribute a position to you that you do not hold. If you would like to claify, cool, but if you are busy then I will just drop it.


5 or 6 figures over a career of 20+ years, after they leave they can become a consultant for Fox News or other similar engagements.

They’ve created a situation where they can receive piles of money in exchange for relatively little effort for the rest of their life.


Oh, the sweet sweet sounds of an ironic echo…


In short, the irony of this piece is that it represents everything it is criticizing. I was mocking it by imitating it.


It’s amazing how well this describes the current state of politics.


Remember how Trump was putting his assets in a blind trust? That he couldn’t touch or profit from, and was being run by his children?

Well, turns out that he had language added to the trust documents that basically means he can withdraw money, of any amount, from any of his businesses or holdings, at any time, for any reason, without having to tell anybody or having really any oversight whatsoever.


Well, technically he has to ask his son.


[quote=“linkigi, post:461, topic:125, full:true”]
Well, technically he has to ask his son.
[/quote]Do you really think he’ll say no?