Now that Donald Trump has Won



There’s been some chatter on reddit about potentially having an SNL skit where Alec Baldwin as trump watching SNL on tv where trump is played by Rosie Odonnell and then tweeting about being upset about how he’s being portrayed on SNL.

Odonnell has said she’d be down. Be pretty meta if it happened.

Along the same line there’s been chatter about having her play bannon. Hope he loses WH status with POTUS. Personally, I like the first idea better.


Apparently Melania is bitching that she’s unable to use the position of first lady to make money.


It’s like a parody that writes itself, except we’re living it and a whole bunch of people wanted it to happen.


Given all the anti-immigrant stuff that’s been going on, even with non-Middle Eastern immigrants, apparently, I’m going to start carrying my passport with me even when I travel domestically.


RE: The Betsy DeVos nomination

Every Democratic Senator voted against her and it took the VP to break the tie, so of course Jill Stein says it is the fault of “Democrats serving corporate interests”.

I can no long take anyone seriously who takes her seriously.


Does the 25th amendment only apply to physical/mental impairment? Could it be used to remove a President who has lost the support of the beurocracy and is unable to effectively lead the executive branch?


Basically, the people who have that responsibility have no interest in removing Trump at this time.


What if instead of a button, it was a contactless paypoint, So anyone can donate at anytime.


I would be so broke if I had that button…


I have a monthly $177.change donation to the ACLU after having stopped going to my BJJ gym over the winter, canceling my plan there and putting the money towards something useful. Fuck nazis, sure, but at least they’re causing me to put my money where my mouth is.


Dude Trump’s election caused me to start a recurring payment to the ACLU, EDL and the Sierra Club and Subscribe to an actual newspaper.


That green card holding old lady who died in Iraq because of the travel ban? Fake. The guy lied to the news station. They have since issued a correction.


ACLU and also EFF here. Also be sure to use Amazon Smile to donate to your charity of choice.


I’ll probably start paying for NPR when it gets attacked which should occur soon.


What about President scented candles? :wink:


Yep, I use Smile to donate to the EFF, and I’m a member of the ACLU with a monthly donation.


So a dude I follow on twitter just gave me a light thought germ that I thought was worth repeating.

Those of you advocating impeachment. Imagine Napoleon could tweet from Elba.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t just that it wouldn’t be the end of the problems. It might just be the beginning.


Looks like an attempt at impeachment has already started. We’ll see where this goes.


Article is seriously misleading.