Now that Donald Trump has Won


Makes me wonder what Twitter would be like right before World War II.


Where and when before World War II? That war had a pretty long build up.


Mostly the rise of the Nazi party and the failure of the Weimar Republic


I live in Berlin. If this was the run-up to WWII, I’d be at ground zero. Of course I’d want to see all this stuff and stay up to date.

But I live in Berlin. I don’t live in the USA. I’m already 100% against Trump, and have been from the start. It’s not my responsibility to keep up with everything Trump and his crew is doing, and there’s nothing I can do to stop him doing anything he’s doing. It’s not my job. And it’s not my job to keep up with all the people whose job it is to resist Trump and see how they’re not doing their job either.

There’s nothing I need to know as it happens that won’t be just as useful for me to read about in two weeks time, after my next work trip, putting it more into perspective. Even just this thread is enough of a filter for me, because I decide to click on it for a dose of Trump comments and news.


Who needs a foreign service when you can just shit post to twitter? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I was just asking Cremlian cause there’s some aspects of the political climate of that period I know pretty well. I didn’t mean to say you should be doing anything.


Sounds pretty good to me. In my case, all I needed to do to get my Portuguese citizenship was show up at the local consulate (and there are plenty near where I live due to a large Portuguese immigrant community in the area) with my parents, who were Portuguese citizens themselves. Pretty simple stuff, really.


Well, today the Mexican president called off the meeting with Trump (Trump of course saying that it was mutual). Trump also announced that he’ll be looking into a 20% tariff on mexican goods to pay for his idiotic wall, which is course a fucking stupid idea because it shifts the cost even more on the consumer and even more on middle and lower class people, and basically starts a trade war handing the U.S. 3rd most common trade partner to China. Oh yeah, and basically the entire top brass of the state department quit.


I wish it was that easy for me. My mom renounced her Italian citizenship in the 80s and my Dad was born in the US.

Italy being patriarchal has more or less the following policy for gaining citizenship when not born within its borders which I was not. If either of your parents has citizenship you can apply for it and get it with little hassle. If neither of your parents has citizenship, you can get it through the paternal line if you can prove one of your paternal grand parents or great grand parents had citizenship and that it was not renounced between them and you.

My paternal great grand father was a citizen so I had to prove that and then check that nobody between him and I renounced. The fact that the vast majority of my mother’s family still resides there carries 0 weight in the eyes of their government.


Trump will prioritize Christian refugees.
This invalidates all previous arguments for the Muslim ban being based on political situation in certain nations and not just blatant discrimination.


It’s also a violation of international law, apparently. And a violation of U.S. law as the U.S. is a signatory of the relevant treaties:


What does it take for Donald Dump to be impeached?


A Democrat-controlled Congress.



The ACLU has won an injunction halting any deportation of people with Visas or Green cards that would be affected by Trumps Muslim ban.

Great stuff from the ACLU in response to one of the most despicable political acts I have seen in my lifetime.


Wait… Where did he state deporting people who are here legally?


[quote=“hmtksteve, post:257, topic:125, full:true”]
Wait… Where did he state deporting people who are here legally?
[/quote]Some people who were in the country legally had not fully completed the entry process were to be deported, as I understand it. Including the two Iraqi gentlemen who the motion was filed on behalf of. There’s also a number of people, including legal immigrants, green card holders and permanent residents, who were in transit when the order came down, and are thus stuck outside the country for a minimum of three months, possibly longer, if the order is not rescinded, as despite being legal residents, they are not allowed entry.


Donald Trump immigration ban: Green card holders barred from entering US, security officials confirm

Donald Trump: Green card holders subject to ‘case-by-case’ approach after immigration ban

In the meantime, the state of California as sued Trump.


So he is blocking some people from entering and looking at stopping others who are in the process of becoming legal? That is some bad shit but not the same as deporting legal residents.

I understand it sounds more ominous to say he is deporting people that are here legally but it is not the same. Blocking people from returning who have been granted legal rights to live here is complete bullshit. Not the same as deporting but still complete bullshit.

Edit: I sponsored someone on a green card last year. The process is not exactly quick or easy. There are numerous checks along the way. A travel visa is different than a green card.


[quote=“hmtksteve, post:260, topic:125”]
So he is blocking some people from entering and looking at stopping others who are in the process of becoming legal? That is some bad shit but not the same as deporting legal residents.
[/quote]I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear - some of those who were slated to be deported due to the change coming down while they were in transit were legal residents.

And believe me, I’m familiar with the green card process, I’ve been working on trying to get one since 2011. Not quick or easy in-fucking-deed. Do cross your fingers, I’m still hoping the green card lottery will pay off, I need all the luck I can get.