Now That Donald Trump Has Lost

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So I really liked this piece, it very succinctly explains my dislike of democrats and liberalism more generally.

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They aren’t wrong, but I think they incorrectly frame this as Democrats as a whole being hypocrites. However, every point they make doesn’t support that conclusion. It instead supports the very correct conclusion that wealthy people who happen to vote for Democrats aren’t actually progressive and/or socialist. They vote Democrat instead of Republican only because in their mind they intellectually believe in principles like equality, justice, and human rights. However, in their heart they are unwilling to make any sacrifice to their own wealthy way of life. i.e.: They don’t truly care about other people. They just say and believe that they do.

TL;DR: Rich people are bad even if they vote blue.

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Of course, focusing only on the fact that neither Democrats nor Republicans will actually fix inequality and saying that we should “avoid tribalism” is to ignore the much more fundamental issue that unlike Democrats, Republicans not only won’t fix inequality, but will also eliminate democracy and human rights in favor of brazen white supremacy. The reality of our system and the existential threat of fascism gives us no choice but to go with Democrats unless or until another path forward becomes viable.

Kind of like, “Democracy is the worst form of government - except for all the other others that have been tried”. The United States Democratic party is pretty bad, but unequivocally the best of the two major parties.

I feel like we’re gonna need a definition of the word rich.

I can’t speak to California or Illinois but in Connecticut, is more than 50% of the state ‘rich’?

Of the 100 wealthiest counties per-capita in the US, three are in Connecticut. Connecticut only has 8 counties total.

But, like, is that a yes?

Maybe? I don’t see how it really matters as long as there are enough wealthy democratic voters to swing the election.

Imagine the perspective of the wealthy blue voter. If Democrats do actually institute affordable housing, their home will lose a lot of its value. If Democrats do make education fairly funded, the school that their kids go to will actually have less funding than it does now. The policies we want will unquestionably harm them in a direct and noticeable way. If the Democrat they voted for institutes such policies, they will have few qualms about abstaining from the election or even voting Republican.

And as you can see from the video, these people show up to things like city council meetings. They are active an politically engaged. They are also donors. Even if the Democrat who holds office wants to institute the progressive policies we support, it will very likely piss off enough of their constituents to cost them their next election.

Much like how we must vote Democrat in the face of the Republican threat, the Democratic politicians must bow to the wealthy Democratic voters in the face of that same threat. They’re making that same calculus. “I’d really like to build this affordable housing, but if I do a Republican might get my job, and that would be worse.”

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Early in Michael Avenatti’s cross-examination on Friday of his former client Stormy Daniels, he asked her whether, a few years earlier, a “dark entity” had entered her home through a “portal.”

“That’s what I was told by a medium,” Ms. Daniels replied.


Um… Come again?

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This was it. The final appeal.