Notable Deaths

Already have backups of everything, and have been using since a long time ago. Nice to see it come back, but why? Seems pointless now. I guess it’s good for anyone who failed to get backups when they could.

Maciej Ceglowski is the pinboard guy. I would guess it’s more of a stewardship thing, like cool URIs don’t change. Not aiming to run it run it, just get it up enough for people to rescue their stuff.

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Oooooh. That’s terrific.

Herman Cain, former Republican candidate for President and vocal Trump supporter, has died after contracting Covid-19.

Republican political beliefs themselves didn’t kill him, but are the overwhelming cause for his catching the virus (likely at the Tulsa rally) due to poor government response to the threat, gathering in a crowd when it was unsafe to do so, and failing to wear a mask.

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The Hutt River Principality, one of the first and most famous modern micronations.

I was wondering “how many micronations does Australia have?” But that was answered in the article.

“Of the roughly 100 self-declared independent entities around the world, about a third of these can be found in Australia.”

Hockey Hall-of-Famer Dale Hawerchuk has died at age 57 of stomach cancer. R.I.P.

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What is the opposite of serendipity? MLB holds Jackie Robinson day every year on April 15, commemorating opening day of Robinson’s first season. The tradition has it that for this one day in the year all players wear the permanently retired #42 on their back. Due to the pandemic, this tradition was transferred to yesterday, August 28 to commemorate the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in which Robinson participated. Boseman of course portrayed Robinson in the 2013 biopic “42” (which is a great film you should watch, even if it has a bit of “white savior complex”).

Fuck, this is tragic. Rest in Power.

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That answer just breaks my heart.

Tom Seaver was almost definitely the best Met ever. There were better players that played for the Mets at one time or another, but they didn’t do their best work for other teams. Pretty sure Tom still has more wins for the Mets than any other pitcher. He had Alzheimer’s/Dementia for quite awhile now. They say he actually died a couple days ago from that and also COVID, it was just announced now-ish.

Not having been quite old enough to see him play, to me he was always just that player all the old Mets fans revered. He wasn’t as good or as famous as the legendary players on other teams, because we’re the stinky Mets. I also never cared much about him since before he fell ill I heard frequent stories about how he wasn’t a very nice person.

RIP anyway Tom.

I don’t know what to say. This guy was perhaps the best at explaining theory without calling it theory. He’s always been my go to for introducing coworkers and friends to post-‘bomb chucker’ anarchism.

I am at a loss for words to explain how big a loss this feels.