Nintendo Switch


Sounds like you were winning the challenges. How would it feel if king dedede kicked your ass?


We lost bunch of them, we then just shrugged and moved on and had couple breaks to go though the waiting challengers to try again.


Throughout my entire life, I’ve played iterations of Smash on other people’s consoles. It’s a party game that I play with friends, rather than on my own. I have the same relationship with Mario Kart, which is why I was really pleased that the Switch version let you play the whole game, only gating off cosmetic stuff that I didn’t care about.

The fact that Smash will only let my friends and I play a small fraction of the game (because none of us have the time or inclination to spend hours grinding out all the characters) really sucks.


On the other hand unlocking is letting me try all of the characters without the option paralysis I get in these type of games, so I’m really enjoying it.


In positive news, my GBros. Adapter should arrive today. I’l be smashing with a GameCube controller. Maybe that will help.


It won’t. Controller doesn’t make you good, training, effort, dedication, time and gitting gud does. Welcome to fighting games, don’t enjoy your stay.


I had years of training with GameCube controller. The Switch Pro Controller has not been great for Smash.


IIRC there’s a way to just get another shot at the character unlock without going through the story mode and using whatever character you like. It was in that video linked elsewhere here


I’m gonna check this out.


In Brawl and SSB 4 you could play a regular match as any character to get the challenge again.


There is an icon on the main menu to rechallenge them if you missed it the first time, can use any character there.


I found it. All is well.

What a tiny ass icon! Could they maybe make it a little more obvious??

EDIT: I lost to four challengers. I collected two of the ones I lost to with the icon. Now the icon is gone. How do I get the icon to come back?


Play a match, iirc


It comes back with some time. Also I’m pretty sure the game had tutorial box about that ether when you got your first new challenger or lost for the first time.


Icon comes back after a cool down, check again later.


My understanding is that every 10 minutes your chance to unlock someone comes back, but also if you turn the system on and off your chance returns.

I could also care less about unlocking characters. The Adventure Mode (World of Light) is fun, and you eventually unlock every character. Fairly early on I got a character I am good with (Lucas) and went to town. I generally have stuck with him through everything. I just got Simon Belmont and have been experimenting with him now for fun. Since World of Light gives you power boosts, it makes getting through and fighting every character a bit easier. And unlock in the other game modes, if you play through World of Light, when you get to character unlock fights, you can just pick whatever character you want, use your upgrades, fight once, and then you have the character. Easy.

I understand you all just wanna Smash with all the characters. If I only cared about multiplayer, sure. But having a goal to reach through the single player is nice when I am otherwise without people to Smash with. And Smash has always had characters have to be unlocked. It’s just like, a thing.


I can’t imagine caring about any aspect of single player smash…


Your loss. There is lots of nice fun creativity in the World of Light stuff resulting in some annoyingly gimmicky fights, but also on some fun ones. And the boss battles in both Adventure mode and in classic are great. For me a big part of Smash is the cross over fan service nature of it and Luigi beating up Dracula should definitely be part of that, part I didn’t know I wanted until just now, few minutes ago.


I demand reports of either you being owned by Isabelle or you owning as my waifu.



I am all about Pikachu Libre right now.