Nintendo Switch


Switch has officially crossed the overwhelming amount of games threshold for me now. I’m excited for so many of the announced games thus far but now there are so many I feel I won’t get to enjoy them.


The online service, is as expected, garbage.

It’s not free.

You can’t play online without it.

You get access to a handful of classic games. Still doesn’t compete with emulation. Not worth a dime.

You get cloud saves, but they are deleted if you ever stop paying, and they are deleted when the service inevitably ends after the Switch is dead. Also, not all games use the cloud saves. I’m better off using the SD card and backing it up.

I hope that the games they put out don’t heavily rely on the online service. For example, It seems like Splatoon is basically worthless if you don’t pay for the online service, Thankfully I have no interest.\

EDIT: Gotta connect once a week to refresh so that you can keep playing NES games offline and such.


Didn’t you hear Splatoon doesn’t have cloud saves, it’s to prevent hackers…

Yeah this is useless.


You still need to pay for the online service to PLAY Splatoon online.


When I inevitably get a Switch and Smash Bros. I will buy the shortest plan and see if I actually enjoy playing online. If I don’t, it’s something I can’t see myself buying continuously, even for its much lower than the competitors price.


I am confident I will never play a game with another person online via my Switch at any point in the future. I have zero confidence in this capability.


Considering that I don’t feel too bad paying 50 euros a year just in case I happen to play something online on PS4, I won’t have too much issues paying 20 for same with Switch. Waste of money, but so is everything else.


Nicole and I have been hopping online in Overcooked 2 to challenge teams of randos and it works well. Hopefully that doesn’t require Nintendo online since it is a third party game?

Nintendo’s first party online stuff improved a few years ago, for Splatoon 1 and Mario Kart 8. I have logged an incredible amount of time in those games and I honestly can’t remember getting dropped or having lag issues even a single time.

That being said, those games were free to play online. The terms of the paid service are 100% trash.


To be fair, Mario Kart works better online than it does with local multiplayer (which has lost its connection 100% of the times I’ve used it).

But local multiplayer is my only use case for Mario Kart…


Ah, this makes sense now. I’ve never attempted any form of multiple-Switch local multiplayer. We are two moons in opposition orbit.

They’d better figure that multiple Switch thing for the new Mario Party game, given it’s the whole hook. Or it’ll suck just like the last… almost every Mario Party game.


I want to actually get good at the new Smash Bros., but I say that every Smash Bros. and then wind up giving up when something about the metagame makes me angry, or all the characters I’m having fun playing are bad.


Smash Bros is for having a big house party with all the friends you played Melee with back in the day, and then never playing it ever again.


I said it about the last Smash Bros. Never again.


It is the series for which I still get hype. I must always try. I do always play a lot of it, it’s just a matter of whether I give a crap about online or just stick with the single player.



I want to play smash, but none of you will ever play with me. So it’s dead and I probably won’t even buy it.


Playing on the 3DS without the second stick for Smash attacks is nigh-unacceptable. I only play on the Wii U for that reason. That is the best thing about the Switch version coming out, is that the divide between people who play on console and handheld will go away.


This is the ULTIMATE smash. Not the penultimate. I probably won’t buy any after it.


My coworkers are all in on Smash, I got mine with local multiplayer.


I don’t want them to make any more. They’ve already said they will probably never get every veteran back again, so having a game where they again drop characters who had shown up in the previous games would just feel crappy.