Nintendo Switch


Christmas presents!

And I’m honestly wanting some Layton right now but for the Switch. Going to a DS after the Switch. So spoiled.

I also wish for the PS4 in a Switch size. The portability factor is just too overpowering. It’s like you look at other systems and see them as inferior because you can’t pick it up and take it around to play.


Bought picross before leaving the house this morning. Will play soon.

Golf story has gone in the queue.


Let me beat Picross for you and then I’ll give it back, I promise.


Go to my apartment, beat Picross, then leave before I get home.


I can probably do that, but I’d have to break the door down.


Use a ladder to get to the balcony. Then smash the glass.

Or just stop by my office first and I’ll give you the key.


I bought Golf Story on a whim. Randomly saw it in the eShop and it looked like it’s got a bit of a GBC Mario Golf game. So far… it’s pretty awesome. I’m only a few mins in but it’s got a lot of charm. It has a lot of challenge shots in the opening which are kinda fun and function as quests sort of. You can also throw balls at people and drop a ball to shoot anywhere. Then of course you level up and add stats to the golfer. If you liked GBC Mario Golf consider picking it up.


There’s something strangely enjoyable about golf games. I remember when my aunt got the original Wii (back when it was brand-new) and Wii Sports. My cousins and I played the golf game quite extensively when we visited her place.

Also, golf games for the PC, arcade, and earlier consoles… They’re just relaxing and simple to play.


Mario Odyssey comes out in 10 days. I pre-ordered it digitally on Amazon. Not going to make the mistake of buying it twice again.


Bought the bundle so getting a physical copy along with the console going to take some game suggestions soon.


Wait, how did you ended up buying the game twice ?


I pre-ordered the cartridge on Amazon to save a few bucks. Then the day before it came out I forgot about this pre-order. I pre-loaded on eShop. Hours later I got an email that the game was in the mail. Oh shit. I bought it twice. The next morning the game loaded on the 3DS eShop. That evening, the cartridge was in my mailbox.


I decided to go with Mario Odyssey on cartridge, since I could get it all on Best Buy points (someday appliances will stop breaking, between my 2 properties, and I won’t have Best Buy points anymore). I figure I wore the fuck out of Zelda on cartridge, and I can always keep 1 cartridge game in the system. Might as well finally take it out and put Mario in.

It’s also really annoying that you can’t use points for gift cards, or I would have laundered that shit over to eShop money.


I’ll go digital. I’m not done with Zelda. Also it’s not available for digital pre-orders on the e-shop?


So switch owners are there any must have assories outside of a SD card?


As with all things in life. Don’t go looking for stuff to buy. Just wait. If you find that you have a problem, then go looking for a solution.


I concur with this, but would like to know from those who already had experiences with it.


I decided to buy a carry case when I went on a trip. I just got something off Amazon for $12 so that pieces don’t snap off or some shit. The one I bought though smelled a little like chemicals which was annoying. But it seems serviceable.


I keep my Switch and games in a carrying case. You probably don’t need a screen protector if you have a case, but I have one since my friend had an extra.


Shin Megami Tensei V was announced for the Switch. Fuck me, as if I didn’t need any more reason to get this console.